Thoughts on the new Bin Laden stuff being released… just more cover-ups from the government, y’all! Move along!

The Director of National Intelligence is being operated by the CIA and Barack Obama is in charge of the DNI. Look it up yourself. Anything that Obama is in charge of then chances are, he’s gonna cover up for something or someone. I think he’s definitely helping to protect George W. Bush over 9/11/01 and he’s continuing to do that now.

The Navy Seals didn’t kill Bin Laden ’cause Bin Laden was already dead before the so-called raid even happened. The media wants to brainwash you into thinking that Barack Obama killed Bin Laden which is a load of shit. I’m still not gonna believe it until I see proof and they’ve shown none.

All of this is more cover-ups and more brainwashing. The Obama admin. are hiding the real story of what really happened to Bin Laden and they won’t give it to us. That’s why they won’t show us the photos of his dead body and why they killed most Navy Seals at the Bin Laden raid after it happened.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Obama is still helping to protect Bush. They’ve always been friendly with each other. Yep, release that 28 page 9/11 document and we can see that the government was behind the 9/11 attack and not Bin Laden.


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