Actually Seymour Hersh might be lying himself, what “really” happened to Bin Laden…

I’ve been saying for a long time now that Bin Laden already died years before. Neither Obama or the Taliban took down Bin Laden at all. Seymour Hersh was half right that Obama “rushed in” to take credit of killing Bin Laden but after thinking about it a while, Hersh’s story is mostly “bullshit” and just telling his side of the story.

The real story of Bin Laden’s death was that he died in 2001 due to lung complication… more here…

This story isn’t new has it already has been widely-known in the conservative community. Some are gonna look at that article and say, “It’s from Fox News, don’t believe it”… but that story has been reported from Pakistan and Egypt news sites and FOX just re-posted the story.

Of course, that’s their side of the story too. You never know what really happened to Bin Laden.

The fact of the matter is, Obama never took down Bin Laden… if you really believe that, you really are one naive person.

Either way though, you can’t trust anything that comes out of the Obama White House. When will you wake the fuck up and realize that all the Obama White House do is lie about everything? Stop believing everything that comes out of the Obama White House as “credible” ’cause you look like a fucking idiot the more you do.

Bin Laden’s death deserves to be investigated, though…


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