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Finally, a House republican agreeing with Obama impeachment!!! Thanks Walter Jones!!!

Congressman Walter Jones just dropped this article in facebook today. Seems like it was Walter’s way of wishing Barack a happy birthday. Most Republicans in the House of Representatives have been tight-lipped on Barack impeachment even if they don’t like him but finally a republican came forward and admitted impeachment is a good idea.

See how Sarah Palin calling for impeachment would lead to Republicans speaking out about it? That’s why she’s doing a good thing.

I agree with Walter, a lawsuit is just a silly political game that Boehner is playing. I’ve called on it that it doesn’t make any sense that Obama would get sued instead of impeachment. Walter agrees with that.

Thanks, Walter!!! You da man!!! \m/

Hopefully more Republicans will come forward and call for impeachment after this. So yeah, happy birthday, Barack… a little gift from Walter for ya!!!



Bin Laden didn’t have anything to do with 9/11/01 after all???

It’s look like that we may soon to get to the full truth of what really happened on the day of 9/11/01. The blame was immediately put on Osama Bin Laden for the attacks but was there any proof that Bin Laden was involved??? I’m not defending Bin Laden but he definitely did NOT, I repeat, DID NOT have anything to do with 9/11. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t the one who planned the attack.

Congressmen Walter Jones and Steven Lynch have been given access to a 28 page document that could tell the truth of what happened on 9/11. The full truth. Walter Jones read it and what he found was so shocking and terrifying that he really can’t talk about it publicly yet since he agreed to sign an oath.


When Walter Jones said, “… those whom we thought we could trust really disappointed me.”

I am almost positive he was referring to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Obama, etc. It’s looking like it’s getting closer to the fact that George W. may have ordered the 9/11 attack. Cheney and Obama helped him. I know you don’t wanna believe that Obama was involved but Obama is definitely helping to protect Bush and helping to cover for him. Notice that Bush and Obama have been very friendly with each other over the years. Even if Bush and Obama are in different parties… they’ve been friends for a very long time. They’re both responsible for the Patriot Act and the NDAA.

Whenever it’s proven that Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11 then both Bush and Obama lied. It’ll prove that the Bin Laden raid was fake.

Hopefully, they’ll tell us what’s on the 28 page document soon. America deserves to know the truth. Both Bush and Obama needs to be held accountable for 9/11. I bet they both had something to do with the attacks that day.