New photos of Bin Laden released but I still wanna see proof of his death…

I don’t give a shit what you delusional libtards think. I think Barack Obama lied about Bin Laden’s death just like he lies about everything else. I’m still believing that Bin Laden was already dead years before that so-called raid. The raid didn’t even happen. It was a hoax. Yes, there were books and movies about it but think how the Obama administration can pay Hollywood to get those done. That “No Easy Day” book and “Zero Dark Thirty” film. I believe they were fake stories just to make the Obama administration look like heroes.

No photos of Bin Laden’s body was released, no death certificate, no autopsy reports, no nothing. They reportedly dumped Bin Laden’s body out in the ocean and no proof of that either.

If you really believe Obama took down Bin Laden, then you are delusional and naive. Keep in mind that Obama announcing the so called death of Bin Laden was shortly before Obama’s re-election. If there was proof of Bin Laden’s death, I’m sure the media would have showed us that long ago but they haven’t yet ’cause the Obama administration is keeping it from us.

If you think Obama isn’t capable of doing something dumb and crazy like this, then you are dumb too. Stop acting like Obama is a harmless guy.


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