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Remember, the libtard left were the ones who started the Obama birther movement…

Predictably, everyone wants to blame Trump for starting the birther movement of Obama’s birth certificate. Bullshit. The birther movement didn’t start because of him at all. He was only trying to help.

Remember, the liberal left started the whole birther movement thing. It actually began in 2008 when Hillary Clinton supporters started sending her anonymous chain e-mails questioning Obama’s birthplace. So it was the liberal left who started the whole birther thing. So it’s pretty unfair that liberals attack other “birthers” ’cause they were the ones who started it.



Of course, Hillary is denying that she started the movement but I’m pretty sure there was a point where Hillary was looking into Obama’s B.C. She probably did ask about it at some point but I can’t see any reports about it or youtube videos of her asking about Obama’s B.C. unless she took down all the evidence to cover herself?


Whether or not Hillary started the movement, either way the libtard left were the ones who originally started it… no doubt about that. Then John McCain asked for the birth certificate which he failed at that. Then Donald Trump asked for it later on.

Why did the libtard left stop the birther movement and it switched to the right all of a sudden? Probably because when Obama released the birth certificate, they naivety thought it was real and conservatives are not falling for it.

It’s interesting how Obama hasn’t been proven a fraud yet. He may as well serve his full 8 years and get away with it but even though he might be done with his presidency soon that still doesn’t mean his birth certificate investigation will come to an end.

Hopefully Sheriff Arpaio would reveal the truth soon, we still have time before Obama’s presidency goes out.


I’m telling y’all that President Obama lied about the death of Bin Laden…

Like I repeatedly said, I won’t believe that President Obama killed Bin Laden until they show proof. Why isn’t there any proof? It’s because there is none. They were either destroyed or sent to the CIA.

Full story, here.

Bin Laden was already dead before the compound raid. Barack did this so he can win the re-election.