Thought: See what “Friday Night Lights” is doing to it’s cast?

“Friday Night Lights” is such a popular TV show that it’s giving the show’s cast members bigger opportunities for bigger film roles. Want some examples?

Taylor Kitsch landed a role as Bandit for “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and now he’s filming the leading role in “Battleship”. Connie Britton got herself a big role as Dr. Holbrook in the “Nightmare On Elm St.” remake. Kyle Chandler recently just got a leading role for JJ Abrams sci-fi flick, “Super 8”.

I’m sure big movie roles will happen to other FNL cast members too. I’m sure big movie role opportunities will come for Minka Kelly, Aimee Teegarden, Zach Gilford, Scott Porter, and Adrianne Palicki as well. The whole FNL cast are talented actors, they’ll all get big movie careers up ahead. They already shot, FNL Season 5, that’s why some of them are already working on films.


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