Friday Night Lights – Season 5 is finally here!!!

Well one of my favorite shows on NBC is finally here. “Friday Night Lights” Season 5 premiered last night, of course, I watched it. It was a great episode too. All it is the show just started from where it left off from Season 4.

Tim Riggins is in prison, while his brother enjoys life on the outside. Tami Taylor finally gets to enjoy life with her family and Eric Taylor, after all that mess she had with the school from last season. Julie is off to college. The Vince and Jess relationship continues. Becky struggles to be a Mom. Landry Clarke continues his rock n’ roll band while his best friend Matt is in Chicago.

That’s all the show was last night. This is the final Season for the show, so I’m sure the rest of the season will get a lot more interesting. Hopefully there will be more Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) and Lyla (Minka Kelly) appearances later in the Season too.

While I’m glad the show is back, I’m also sad that this is the last Season. That’s okay though. The cast members deserve it because most of the cast members of the show are already moving on to become big movie stars. Most of the cast are getting movie roles like Kyle Chandler for “Super 8”, Connie Britton was in the “Nightmare on Elm St.” remake, and Taylor Kitsch is seen in movies constantly. Adrianne Palicki recently got the role of “Wonder Woman” for the NBC TV series up ahead. Lots of good opportunities will come for them after this show is over.


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