BREAKING NEWS: Nicolas Cage busted in New Orleans for domestic violence…

Actor Nicolas Cage has been arrested in New Orleans today, due to domestic violence against his wife, Alice Kim. The actor was outside in front of his rental home, having a heated argument with his wife. When the police came to stop the argument, Nic Cage’s temper tantrum wouldn’t stop there. He challenged the officers to arrest him so they did. Cage was released on $11,000 bail, several hours later.

Read more on the story, here.

I like Nicolas Cage. He’s a great actor who’s been in many great movies that I liked. I think Nic losing his temper a lot these days is that work in Hollywood is finally stressing him out. The Hollywood lifestyle is getting into him, if you know what I mean. Plus, he’s having financial problems with taxes and bankruptcy and all that stuff.

I wish the man would settle down. Take a break from Hollywood, a long hiatus. Nic has been working on film since 1980 and he’s never taken a break. He’s been releasing a new film, year after year, non stop. He’s still going in film year after year too. He’s definitely a workaholic.

I wish him well and hope he gets the professional help he needs. He should do what Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean William Scott did. They turned themselves in for mental health issues, Nic should think about doing the same thing. If Nic doesn’t get help soon, he could end up beating up his wife, Alice Kim. What we’ve seen here is a warning sign that could happen to Alice.


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