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Thought: Speaking of Wonder Woman, why does everyone want her on the big screen so bad?

Everyone wants Wonder Woman to get a new movie for the big screen. The internet has been talking about it for a long time. Wonder Woman has done TV shows and cartoons, but this character never had a movie on the big screen before. That is one of the reasons everyone wants her on the big screen, but there are more reasons. More reasons why? I am guessing the reasons why: 1) People are getting tired of male superheroes hogging the big screen, they all want a woman superhero for once 2) With more women getting into action movies these days, they want to see Wonder Woman do a lot of dangerous action scenes 3) A lot of men want to see something sexy. I think that could cover it.

If WB’s are still planning a Wonder Woman theaterical release film, they gotta be careful with this, so it won’t be popular with a lot of lesbian women ’cause it could happen, if they aren’t careful with the new Wonder Woman costume. The Wonder Woman movie should be enjoyable for all men and woman, no matter the orientation. Everyone wants this film to happen, but there are questions that need to be answered first. Will the writing of this movie suck? Will they have a good actress for the character? Will it be a hit movie?

I don’t think the first Wonder Woman movie will be as big as Batman and Superman of course, but Wonder Woman could possibly be a failure too. Who would want to see Rihanna or Beyonce as Wonder Woman or any other pop star? I like the Wonder Woman character, don’t get me wrong. I read her comics, saw the Lynda Carter TV series when I was a kid, yes. I don’t know how good the movie is going to be. It could be a boring CGI popcorn movie with bad writing. Don’t get your hopes up that this could be a good movie.

I care more about another Batman and Superman movie than Wonder Woman to be honest with you. If a Wonder Woman film happens, great, I’ll go check it out, but I won’t expecting it to be great unless I see a trailer first. There’s really nothing special about Wonder Woman possibly on her way to the big screen. Oh yeah, and Angelina Jolie wouldn’t be a good Wonder Woman. She’s too old for the role. I think the role was meant for an actress in her 20’s-30’s. Wonder Woman will probably do ok in the box office, but she won’t be able to top Superman and Batman. Sorry.


Report: Wonder Woman coming to the small screen by Warner Bros., will be written and produced by David E. Kelley

Look like Warner Bros. is moving forward to a new Wonder Woman TV series. The original starred Lynda Carter from the 70’s. The new series will be written and produced by David E. Kelley, who also brought us, Ally McBeal. See the article here at, Deadline.

Lynda Carter, would obviously be too old to reprise her role for the new series, so they would have to use a young actress.

Hope they do a good job with the new TV series. I remember when NBC redid, “Bionic Woman”, it only lasted for one season due to a, writer’s strike.

I’m pretty sure Lynda Carter would probably appear in the new “Wonder Woman” series but as a different role.


Report: Game Informer magazine leaks exclusive details from “Batman: Arkham City”…

The popular video game magazine, “Game Informer” released new information that will be included in the next “Batman: Arkham City”, the sequel from 2009’s, “Batman: Arkham Asylum”. “Arkham City” is set for a Sept. 2011 release.

Here are the details:

  • Two Face/Harvey Dent and Hugo Strange will be the two main villains for the game.
  • Batman will get to use the smoke bomb which hasn’t been used in “Arkham Asylum”
  • Batman will be able to counter two attacks simultaneously

More on it here:


Can’t wait for the game! I’m definitely interested in this one ’cause I thought “Arkham Asylum” was amazing. Excellent gameplay, story, and graphics. I’m probably going to end up playing “Arkham Asylum” again soon.


Report: Wonder Woman gets new look for 600th issue in DC Comics…

For the 600th comic series “Wonder Woman” by DC, the superheroine gets a new makeover. New costume and new look.

More on it here:


Congrats to Wonder Woman on her 69 years but in my opinion, the new costume is terrible. I think the new look will flop ’cause she’s not sexy enough. She needs to show more cleavage and show off her bare legs.

Will Wonder Woman look like this when Warner Bros./DC does the live action “Wonder Woman” movie? I hope not. Wonder Woman needs to be sexy and hot. Like Linda Carter from the TV series.

Sorry comic book fans, but thumbs down on the new Wonder Woman suit. Not good.


Report: “No plans for Superman,” says DC Entertainment’s, Diane Nelson…

So, DC Comics and Warner Bros. team up to make “DC Entertainment”. Diane Nelson is the new president of the company. The first thing people want to know is, when will there be a new Superman movie? The answer is, not anytime soon. Diane said so herself at MTV News.

It looks like they are more focused on the new “Green Lantern” movie with Ryan Reynolds attached to star.

MTV News reports:


Damn, they better plan something because 2011 will fly by fast. The Siegels ordered them to make a new Superman movie by 2011 if they want to do one. I’m sure DC Entertainment will plan a new Superman movie sometime in 2010.


Report: Warner Bros. creates DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson is hired as top chief/boss…

Walt Disney studios buys out Marvel comics? Well, Warner Bros. says take this Disney, we are at war here. Warner Bros. revamped DC comics to create DC Entertainment. WB’s hired, Diane Nelson to help run, DC Entertainment as their top chief and main boss. They did this as a way to make better use of DC superhero characters.

Variety Reports:


Diane must be a huge fan of comic books if she accepted this job immediately, so she obviously knows her shit with superheroes.

I really hope they get the new Superman movie in the works soon.


Report: Superman feud between the Siegels and WB/DC Comics gets even uglier…

The Siegel family is still fighting for full rights of the Superman character. They already won the rights, they will get the full rights of the character in 2013…but…Warner Bros/DC Comics only own the rights to certain storylines and characters of the Superman story.

For example, The Siegels now own the rights of the planet Krypton, they own Superman’s parents, Jor-L and Lora, Superman as the infant Kal-L, and they even own the rights to Superman’s spaceship leaving Krypton to crash into Earth.

The judge found that WB/DC Comics own the rights to Superman’s ability to fly, kryptonite, the Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White characters, his vision powers and expanded origins.

It  is still set in stone that if Warner Bros./DC Comics wants to get another Superman movie made, they must get it done by 2011. If WB’s and DC decides to make another Superman movie, they won’t be able to use storylines and characters that the Siegels own so this means Superman may be forced to get a new costume design for the next movie, not the usual red, blue and yellow costume with the S signal on the chest.

Variety Reports:


Even though Warner Bros. and DC are not allowed to use certain things that the Siegel’s own for the next Superman movie, don’t worry, this is Hollywood. They will do anything to change Superman around by creative writing.

I’m glad that WB/DC still own Lex Luthor, that means Lex Luthor coming back would be a possibility.

The Siegel’s fighting for full ownership of the Superman character is not in honour of the late Jerry Siegel, it’s all about the money and this article is making it clear it’s all about, cash.

I think the Siegel family are real pricks. Jerry Siegel would want his work being made into films and be celebrated by fans. The family is taking his honour away, in my opinion. Let Siegel’s work be celebrated by WB/DC.

I hope another Superman movie does happen and I hope the next one will be better.


Report: Morgan Freeman in talks to star in DC Comics, “Red” with Bruce Willis…

Morgan Freeman, is in talks with Summit Entertainment to star in “Red” which is adapted from the DC Comics graphic novel. Bruce Willis is already set to star the leading role, Morgan Freeman will co-star.

Morgan is just wrapping up filming a Nelson Mandella biopic directed by Clint Eastwood.

Variety Reports:


It’s good to see him get more work since “The Dark Knight”, I’ve seen that Morgan have been having a busy life lately outside of film, with being involved in a car accident that involved alcohol and lots of other things in his life. Glad to see he’s getting his film career back on track.


Confirmed: Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern…

Warner Brothers and DC Comics has finally found their Green Lantern for the upcoming superhero movie. Ryan Reynolds was the former star of the TV show, “Two Guys and a Girl”. He has also starred in many comedy films over the years. Ryan Reyolds, looks like he is a bodybuilder as well because he is a big and tough looking dude if you search for his pics in google.

The Green Lantern character is a muscular guy and they needed to find a fit actor to fit the superhero.

The film will be directed by Martin Campbell who did the 007 film, “Casino Royale”.

Variety Reports:


Very cool. Good choice for the Green Lantern. Most superhero movies aren’t that great, I only like a few of them here and there, lets hope they’ll make the “Green Lantern”, a good one.


BREAKING NEWS: Warner Bros. and DC Comics win legal battle over “Superman: Returns”…sequel is now definitely possible…

Warner Bros. and DC Comics has won the legal battle over licensing fees accused by the heirs of Jerome Seigel, “Superman’s” author and creator. It has something to do with money over the TV show “Smallville”. It was also discovered that Warner Bros. owns the rights to the Superman character which DC Comics transfered ownership to.

However, the Seigels vow to fight for full ownership of the Superman character, they aren’t backing down… and they warn they will get full ownership in 2013. Attorney Marc Toberoff said, if Warner Bros. doesn’t start production on the next Superman sequel by 2011, the Seigels will be able to sue to recover their damages.

Variety Reports:


Warner Bros. will probably continue to defend themselves so they won’t get sued by the Seigels. You can’t take down the movie companies because they are powerful people in the movie industry. I agree that Jerome Siegel deserves full ownership of the Superman character since he created it, but the man is dead…he would want Hollywood to make movies on Superman. I think the Seigels are jealous that the Superman movies make more money than them and that’s what this is all about. Money, money, money.

If a “Superman: Returns” sequel gets greenlighted soon, lets hope Bryan Singer, and Brandon Routh will return.

I thought “Superman: Returns” was a great film. I hope Bryan will come back. Congrats to Warner Bros./DC for winning the battle, for now…