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Cool Video: The Muppets version of the Green Lantern movie!!!

Ha! LOVE THIS! This is looking better and better. Can’t wait for the real official Muppets trailer! Will the Muppets parody “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” next? Is that why they said, “Not in Swedish, we promise”.


Confirmed: Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern…

Warner Brothers and DC Comics has finally found their Green Lantern for the upcoming superhero movie. Ryan Reynolds was the former star of the TV show, “Two Guys and a Girl”. He has also starred in many comedy films over the years. Ryan Reyolds, looks like he is a bodybuilder as well because he is a big and tough looking dude if you search for his pics in google.

The Green Lantern character is a muscular guy and they needed to find a fit actor to fit the superhero.

The film will be directed by Martin Campbell who did the 007 film, “Casino Royale”.

Variety Reports:


Very cool. Good choice for the Green Lantern. Most superhero movies aren’t that great, I only like a few of them here and there, lets hope they’ll make the “Green Lantern”, a good one.