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The Muppets has apparently turned into TMZ… shame on you…

It really is quite sickening that the Muppets has turned into TMZ and celebrity gossip. Jim Henson is rolling in his grave right now. This isn’t what he would have wanted for children.  A Kermit and Miss Piggy breakup? Are you freaking kidding me? Wow. This isn’t what Disney should be teaching children at all. The Muppets turning into celebrity gossip is just wrong, all the way.

Disney is doing whatever it takes to keep people interested in the Muppets. Aren’t they planning some kind of Muppets revival TV series? It’s a desperate attempt to promote that.

I know this Kermit and Miss Piggy breakup may seem funny and entertaining but it’s inappropriate for kids. Think about it.



Brock defends “Chick Fil A” and Dan Cathy, the company is widely misunderstood, and not homophobic…

Before I get to talking about why I think the backlash that the fast food chain, “Chick Fil A”, is getting is wrong and why they’re misunderstood by many of you, lets get an overview of what’s going on. Why this public backlash started to begin with.

Dan Cathy was interviewed by the Ken Coleman radio show back in June and said this controversial comment, “I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage’. I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about.” Then he told the Baptist press about “being guilty as charged” when talking about marriage equality and all that stuff. This is what made the Jim Henson company to no longer work with “Chick Fil A” ever again. Then the Chick Fil A company announced they were no longer selling the Muppets toys due to safety concerns and said it had nothing to do with the same sex marriage stance.

Yes, I think that covers everything on why the public is pissed off at, Chick Fil A. It’s mostly gays that are angry at Chick Fil A. Also, there are some straight people who support “same sex marriage”, they are angry at, Chick Fil A, too. There are mixed opinions of, Chick Fil A. Some are against same sex marriage like me and still support, Chick Fil A. There are even those who support gay people and still like, Chick Fil A. See? Mixed reactions to the company. Some hate the company, some still stand by them.

As for the Chick Fil A, Appreciation Day from yesterday, proves that the company has mixed reactions ’cause the company got a mix of supporters and protesters that came out for the event. The Appreciation Day had nothing to do with the same sex marriage stance, it was to help celebrate the company in a positive manner. Yet, negativity still got in the way because of all this same sex marriage bullshit.

Back to Dan Cathy’s comment, how in the hell is that bigotry? How is it offensive and hateful? It’s not. The whole point that Dan made is that America is trying to “redefine” marriage from what God originally intended marriage to be in the bible. A marriage should be between a man and a woman. Nothing wrong with that, and the point is pretty valid too. He is entitled to his own opinion, let him have it. What ever happened to freedom of speech in this country? That’s the problem here. The second we disagree with gay marriage, it automatically makes us evil homophobes. We don’t hate gay people, just the marriage part of it. You can’t change how marriage was originally supposed to be. Doesn’t work that way. Just because he is against same sex marriage, does not mean the entire, Chick Fil A, company is homophobic.

People are always looking at religious people being evil nutcases, just because they follow things from the bible. How are they hateful people? When you go on hating on people who are against same sex marriage, you are even more hateful than they are. No difference! That’s one thing that disgusts me about the political world when it comes to same sex marriage. Too much negativity, bullying and harassment going around, all over the place. The world is full of hate and to you “same sex marriage” supporters, you are no different ’cause you can be full of negative drama too.

The entire internet has been all over this Chick Fil A drama for days, and I’ve think I’ve about had it. Aren’t there better things in life to talk about? What about the Olympics going on? What about our bad economy, the job employment and the upcoming election? We need to discuss more important things and not this silly Chick Fil A, drama. How is Dan Cathy, CEO/President a bad guy. Do you know the guy? No. And for those complaining that he stopped selling the Muppets toys, that just the company’s decision. They’re just doing what’s right for business, that is all.

All those people that are against Chick Fil A, need to grow up ’cause they’re all acting pretty childish over this silly nonsense. This would be my last discussion about this on my blog ’cause I would rather get back to discussing good things like movies, music, and entertainment news. There’s nothing more to see here, so move along people.


Edit to Add: One last thing I wanted to say, read this little article, a Gay man writes an open letter to the public about his thoughts on this controversy, he also defends Dan Cathy and Chick Fil A, read this whole thing, check it out, here. Pretty good read!

Cool Photo: Sarah and Todd Palin go to Chick-fil-A restaurant for take out despite the Muppets controversy…

The fast food chain, Chick-fil-A, maybe in a lot of controversy with the Muppets, over this gay rights stuff, but that’s not stopping Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, for supporting the restaurant. Here they are at the restaurant with smiles on their faces and all.

Check it out…here

Yep, I still support Sarah and her family.


Film Review: The Muppets…

Starring: The Muppets, Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and a whole list of celebrity cameos. 

Directed by: James Bobin

Today, I went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping for family, and I ended up seeing the Muppets. I wasn’t gonna see the Muppets, I was gonna wait for DVD, but I decided to see it anyway, just to kill some time and nothing else was playing. Anyway, I bought 4 music albums on CD for myself. I picked up: “Amy Winehouse – Lioness: Hidden Treasures”, “The Black Keys – El Camino”, “Bjork – Biophilia”, and “Kate Bush – 50 Words For Snow”. I’ll talk about those albums after I listen to them. On with my review…

Plot/synopsis: Walter, a new muppet character introduced lives with his best friend Gary (Jason Segel). Walter is a huge fan of the Muppets and dreams of joining them, but the Muppets are no longer together anymore and they’ve all separated. Each Muppet character has a different job and doing other things in their lives. Gary and his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) take Walter to the Muppets Studios, but they discover it is closed and no longer in use. Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) an evil businessman who plans to destroy the Muppets Theater so he can drill for oil, but the Muppets must raise $10 million dollars to save the studio at a certain time. The Muppets need to reunite so they can revive the show they had in the past, so they can save their legendary studio. 

This film was given mostly positive reviews by critics and movie fans, but I was very disappointed in the film. I felt that they ruined the Kermit character in this movie. They made Kermit look bad throughout the film and he’s not supposed to be this way. He’s supposed to be enjoyable and heartfelt. They gave Kermit a darker character in this movie.

As for why I didn’t like this movie, I’ll explain the good and the bad things about “The Muppets”….

The Good – The history of the Muppets (throughout the film it showed vintage clips from their classic TV show from the past, which one thing I liked about the film), Amy Adams (She was actually enjoyable and fun in this movie like always), The Muppets paying tribute to Nirvana (they did their rendition of “Teen Spirit” in the film, which actually put a smile on my face), the Jack Black appearance (He’s funny like he always is).

The Bad – Jason Segel and Walter (this film would have been better if Jason and Walter weren’t in this film, they pretty much ruined the movie. I can’t stand Jason Segel as an actor.) The script is loaded with plot holes (there are things in the plot where it didn’t make any sense at all, how is the writer coming up with this stuff?), the music (the songs that were performed by the characters weren’t that enjoyable, the only song that actually put a smile on my face was when the Muppets sang their main theme song toward the end of the movie, but the rest of the music was awful), Muppets being full bodied (Seeing Muppets with legs is kind of gross, in my opinion, it makes them look naked.)

There were a few enjoyable scenes and there were a few laughs, but most of the film was pretty bad. I don’t know, I didn’t get it. I thought separating the Muppets like that was a pretty stupid idea.

Do I feel bad seeing the Muppets? A film I didn’t like? No. I saw the Toy Story short cartoon before the movie and was worth it. The Toy Story short before the film was the best thing about “The Muppets”. I say “The Muppets” was the worst film of 2011.

Score for “The Muppets” = * (1 star as in “poor”)


Cool Video: “The Muppets” teaser trailer hits the internets today…

“The Muppets” teaser trailer by Disney drops today. The movie actually looks pretty good. I actually liked the trailer. The “Green With Envy” thing is not the actual title of the movie. The movie is about this Hollywood couple going to L.A. to film a movie which is titled, “Green With Envy”. That’s the movie they film in the “Muppets” movie. When I first saw the trailer, I scratched my head at first but I gave it a few more viewings and it grew on me. The movie looks fun.

I’m probably gonna check this movie out, but to be honest, no Muppet movie will top “The Great Muppet Caper”. “The Great Muppet Caper” will always be the best Muppets movie. Period.


Report: The plot to the new “Muppets” movie is out and it’s disappointing…

The plot to the new “Muppets” movie is out, and I don’t really like it at all. I like the Muppets and I want them to have a good movie. After reading the plot, I’m already worried about this film, that we might get another shitty Muppet movie.

The plot is, the original Muppets: Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Gonzo, etc. have all retired to move on to new careers. Three new Muppets are introduced in the film and they go help find the original Muppets to reunite the gang. The movie will be taken place in Los Angeles. Probably around the Hollywood area, so expect a lot of celebrity cameos.

Read more on the story, here.

The only great Muppet movies were, “The Great Muppet Caper” and “The Muppets Take Manhatten”. They were excellent films, but the other ones were pretty crappy. I really hope this one will be good, but I don’t know. I’ll wait to see a trailer first, and then I’ll make my decision if I want to see it in theater or not.


Report: New “Muppet” movie to hit theaters next year in 2011 on Christmas Day…

Disney studios has greenlighted the new “Muppet” movie to hit theaters Dec. 25th of 2011. Even if the plot/synopsis has not yet been revealed, lets just hope it’s NOT another Christmas Muppets movie. We already had two of those. One of them was the Muppets remake of “A Christmas Carol” and the other was “Letters from Santa” the TV movie. Do we really need a third Muppets Christmas? Let’s hope it ain’t another Christmas film. I’m a huge fan of the Muppets by the way, always have been.

More on it here: