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Report: It’s official, Adam Lambert is now singer for Queen!!!

According to Adam Lambert himself, he is the new lead singer for, Queen. I’m no fan of Lambert, but I must admit this is an interesting choice. He does resemble Freddie Mercury and even sings like him, so why not? I’ll give him a chance.

Read the full story, here.


Report: Lady Gaga to become the new front woman for Queen???

Brian May says that Lady Gaga could be the new singer for Queen. He hints that she is in talks to join the band to replace, Freddie Mercury.

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This may sound weird, and I know a lot of people are not going to like it, but honestly, I think it’s a great idea. She WOULD be a great replacement for Freddie. She’s the real deal, seriously.

Lady Gaga’s image and vocal style has been compared to Freddie for years. As you all know, Gaga and May opened the MTV VMA’s this year. See the pic above? I think they looked great together! Good chemistry between the two of them. The way she dressed at the VMA’s, I think I got it figured out. I think she was trying to look like Freddie, that’s why she was looking like a man that night. It was the look she had planned for her performance with Brian.

Many people say that Freddie can’t be replaced, but of course he can. If Alice in Chains can go on successfully without Layne and if AC/DC can go on successfully without Bon Scott, I think Gaga could be successful fronting Queen too. Why not? Besides, Queen was never considered a hard rock/metal act anyway. Queen has always been a pop/rock band, which fits Lady Gaga perfectly.

Before Gaga’s fame, she sang for local cover bands, so I’m sure she could sing all the Queen songs just fine. Plus, I’m pretty sure Freddie would dig it if Gaga sang for Queen.

I think it’s a cool idea and hope it happens. I love Lady Gaga. Always had. I’m not into today’s pop music that much, but I am a fan of Gaga.


Thought: What kind of film will the “Freddie Mercury” biopic be? Will it be a comedy or a serious drama?

Sacha Baron Cohen has always been known for shocking and controversial humor in his flicks. Will he have that again for his next, “Freddie Mercury” movie? I don’t know. I think the “Freddie Mercury” biopic will be more on the serious side then humor. Maybe that’s why Sacha signed on to the role? He wanted to do something new and different besides comedy. There will obviously be some humor in this biopic film since Freddie was a very weird and humorous guy, but there won’t be any of that shock factor that Sacha is known for. Freddie was known for his shock factor live performances with Queen, I think that’s why the film makers wanted him.

This will give Sacha an opportunity to really show his acting talent other than the comedy genre. I’m seeing this movie to be very emotional and sad. Can you see Sacha giving a powerful performance for Freddie’s death scene?Before Freddie’s death, on his last days, he wanted to help the world with AIDS awareness, I can see the film concentrating on that. The funeral will be interesting, Elton John and David Bowie may have to make cameos ’cause they were there at Freddie’s funeral.

The film will start from the beginning, at his childhood to his death like most biopic films are like that. It might focus on his relationship with Mary Austin, Freddie’s first true love, then it will probably go onto his bi-sexual days. If you watch Freddie Mercury’s older interviews and seen the film, “Borat”, you can see the similarities between both of them.

Sacha is going to nail this performance. I think he will perform Freddie Mercury perfectly. Like I said, I think this film will show a different side of Sacha. It will be nothing like Borat or Bruno at all. I’m sure Sacha will be working closely with Brian May and Freddie’s family members, I’m sure Sacha will work with Mary Austin as well, to learn more about Freddie’s history and personality. I’m glad Sacha got this opportunity. Here’s hoping for an Oscar award for Best Actor.


BREAKING NEWS: Sacha Baron Cohen will play Freddie Mercury!!!

Sacha Baron Cohen has officially signed himself a role to star as Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of legendary rock band, Queen, for the upcoming, “Freddie Mercury”, biopic. Sacha has been well known to playing homosexual characters such as Borat and Bruno, Sacha will play a gay character once again. See this article at, Deadline.

I wonder why Sacha, is always interested in playing gay characters in films. I don’t think he’s gay in real life ’cause he’s been with Isla Fisher for many years, married to her too. Never know, maybe Sacha is a closeted bi-sexual. Freddy Mercury wasn’t just gay, he liked women too.

This is really great casting. I always thought Sacha was almost identical looking to, Freddie. The question is will Sacha be able to sing like him? I’m sure he’ll get voice coaching to prepare for the role. Sacha does sing though. I smell Oscar award for Sacha for this role? Hopefully???


Report: Adam Lambert to be Paul Rodgers’s replacement for Queen?

Although, Paul Rodgers parted ways with Queen, it is no surprise to me that the band is going to keep going and look for a replacement singer. It seems that they have already found someone. Adam Lambert, the American Idol loser. Adam performed “We Are the Champions” with Queen along with Kris Allen on the Idol finale. Brian May seems to be impressed with Adam as well and already asked him to join the band. It seems that Adam is definitely game in joining up.

More on it here:


I never watched this season’s Idol, but after seeing Adam perform for the first time in my eyes, Adam is actually not that bad. Almost sounding close to Freddie Mercury, so I can see why Brian would want him.

I’m no Idol fan anymore, but this is a phenonemal performance. I love it!

Would I want an Idol star fronting one of the biggest rock bands in the world? I’m sure the die hard Queen fans are hating on this idea, but I’d say go for it. Give a young star an opportunity instead of all these old has beens!!!


Report: Queen + Paul Rodgers is no more…

Paul Rodgers has announced he has split with the surviving members of Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor. No word if May and Taylor will continue on with a replacement singer.

Billboard reports:


Weird. I really liked the “Cosmo Rocks” album, it’s really good stuff. Not the best work Queen has ever done, but “Cosmo Rocks” was a great album.


Report: Brian May dissapointed that he was cut off for Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” collaboration for a song…

During the 14 years of the making of Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy”, former Queen guitarist Brian May was one of the special guest guitarists who collaborated with Axl Rose for one of the new songs on “Democracy”. Brian May played guitar on the Gn’R song “Catcher In the Rye” one of the new songs off the new album. Axl Rose edited Brian May’s guitar tracks out of the song so the song can have guitar tracks being played by the current band members of Gn’R.

Brian isn’t angry or upset at Axl for the snub but he is dissapointed and a little sad about it. Brian said he was proud of the work he put on Gn’r’s song “Catcher In the Rye”. Brian says he still has the demo of “Catcher In the Rye” with his guitar tracks on the song at home, but Brian will not release his version to the public out of respect for Axl and the band Guns N’ Roses.

See it here at Brian May’s official website:


That sucks. I feel for Brian. Axl’s ego is still flying high. Shame on you Axl. Axl should release the Brian May version.