BREAKING NEWS: Sacha Baron Cohen will play Freddie Mercury!!!

Sacha Baron Cohen has officially signed himself a role to star as Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of legendary rock band, Queen, for the upcoming, “Freddie Mercury”, biopic. Sacha has been well known to playing homosexual characters such as Borat and Bruno, Sacha will play a gay character once again. See this article at, Deadline.

I wonder why Sacha, is always interested in playing gay characters in films. I don’t think he’s gay in real life ’cause he’s been with Isla Fisher for many years, married to her too. Never know, maybe Sacha is a closeted bi-sexual. Freddy Mercury wasn’t just gay, he liked women too.

This is really great casting. I always thought Sacha was almost identical looking to, Freddie. The question is will Sacha be able to sing like him? I’m sure he’ll get voice coaching to prepare for the role. Sacha does sing though. I smell Oscar award for Sacha for this role? Hopefully???


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