BREAKING NEWS: Casey Affleck finally confesses that the Joaquin Phoenix rap act is a hoax!!!! Woah!!!

Well, well, well, look at what we have here. The public is getting onto to them so much that Casey Affleck, finally gave up and admitted that the, Joaquin Phoenix, insane like personality and rap career is all a hoax. Read the full article, here.

Now that everybody knows that this was all fake all along, Joaquin definitely will appear on Letterman next week as his normal self, (I hope).

If you actually think the music industry will sign Joaquin a record deal for rap music, please. A rap career would have never happened for him anyways.

This was all funny stuff though! It was fun while it lasted! I look forward to seeing, “I’m Still Here”. I knew he wasn’t retiring from movies from day 1.


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