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Film Review: I’m Still Here

So last night, I finally watched the movie, “I’m Still Here” on one of them ppv Movies On Demand things. Here is just a brief review.

This movie is about the mockumentary of actor, Joaquin Phoenix, retiring from acting to focus on a rap career. While Joaquin maybe looked at as a crazy and whacked out person in the media, I didn’t see that at all in the movie. Joaquin was actually seen pretty normal in this film. Yes, he was crazy in some parts but not that bad. What I saw in this film was a guy who is struggling to have a better life, he had a drug addiction with cocaine and other drugs. He changed his personality so people could be able to understand him as a person more. Joaquin may get angry and swear a lot in the film, but there is an emotional and sad part about him. The film showed his feud with the Spacehog frontman, Antony Langdon and Joaquin forms a friendship with rapper, P. Diddy Sean Combs. Through those scenes with Sean Combs, really showed the personality side of things with Joaquin.

The movie was not dark, it had some humorous moments of course, but the film was very serious in a way. The movie is definitely fictional, but I think the film exposed the real Joaquin Phoenix, that he might have a real drug problem like his brother River, had back in the day. Joaquin’s acting in this film was really good as usual, but he might get another Oscar nomination for Best Actor in this film, possibly.

I was pretty impressed with the film, liked it a lot.

Score for “I’m Still Here” (**** = 4 stars as in “excellent”)


BREAKING NEWS: Casey Affleck finally confesses that the Joaquin Phoenix rap act is a hoax!!!! Woah!!!

Well, well, well, look at what we have here. The public is getting onto to them so much that Casey Affleck, finally gave up and admitted that the, Joaquin Phoenix, insane like personality and rap career is all a hoax. Read the full article, here.

Now that everybody knows that this was all fake all along, Joaquin definitely will appear on Letterman next week as his normal self, (I hope).

If you actually think the music industry will sign Joaquin a record deal for rap music, please. A rap career would have never happened for him anyways.

This was all funny stuff though! It was fun while it lasted! I look forward to seeing, “I’m Still Here”. I knew he wasn’t retiring from movies from day 1.


Thought: My take on this whole Joaquin Phoenix thing…

So Joaquin Phoenix is set to return to David Letterman, next Wednesday night on the 22nd. Will I watch? Yes, definitely. Will Joaquin come out all fully bearded, long haired with sun glasses? I don’t think he will. I’m predicting Joaquin will come out with his own self and just act normal next time. Just to confuse people some more. In the video below, you see Joaquin talking with Miley Cyrus. Joaquin cut off his long hair, clean shaven again and all that. It takes a long time to grow it all back.

So what’s up with his weird personality and why is he being crazy? It’s a gimmick! Kind of like a wrestling character. He’s just doing what ever it takes to promote himself as an actor. To get himself recognized more. Yes, a lot of people are going to hate Joaquin’s gimmick or alter ego, he’ll get a backlash for it. It worked for Andy Kauffman back in his time of day. Andy went from hero to badguy in the entertainment media. I think this whole gimmick Joaquin doing was inspired by Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton. Notice the similarities between Joaquin’s new gimmick and Tony Clifton?

It’s obvious that Joaquin’s retirement from movies was fake, I’ve been saying it all along. Joaquin kept signing on to new movie roles. He’s got a few up ahead of him.

So what’s with all the confusion with Joaquin possibly retiring from movies to do music? That’s the point of this whole thing. It was made to confuse people on purpose to get people talking. All of this is a ploy to help promote himself as an actor and his possible rap career if he’s serious about that too. I don’t take any of this stuff seriously. I don’t hate him for it, as I think all of this is very comical. I find it all hilarious. What’s even funnier is that people take it seriously, thinking it’s all real.

When Joaquin met with Miley in this video and he’s acting his own self, being normal. There’s your proof right there that his rap thing is all a gimmick.


Report: New Joaquin Phoenix film, “I’m Not Here” to hit theaters Sept. 10th!!!


Joaquin Phoenix’s documentary about his rap career will hit theaters Sept 10th, and the film is titled, “I’m Not Here”. Magnolia Films scored the rights to release it.

I’m sure we will see a trailer very soon, probably around August, a teaser trailer for this film will hit the web.

This film sounds interesting. I’m certainly am looking forward to seeing it. Anything with Joaquin Phoenix in it, is gold.

More on it here:



Reports: More details on Joaquin Phoenix’s rap mockumentary film here…

This blogger at the LA Times revealed more details about Joaquin Phoenix’s rap mockumentary. It is titled, “I’m Still Here: The Lost Year Of Joaquin Phoenix”. In the film shows all the stuff you’ve been seeing in youtube, including the David Letterman appearance…but of course, there is a lot of new footage that haven’t been seen by the public yet. Stuff like Joaquin snorting cocaine, eating pussy with his female publicist, having a bad attitude with people, etc. Lots of crazy stuff. The film even has male nudity, lets hope the film doesn’t show Joaquin actually naked. There’s plenty of controversial footage throughout the movie.

Is Joaquin trying to be the next Andy Kauffman/Sacha Baron Cohen? Seems like he is, but ten times more brutal. I still stand corrected that everything Joaquin is doing, is just an act. A storyline thing ’cause all of this seems to be inspired by Andy Kauffman. It all seems pretty Andy Kauffman like. Joaquin’s new image is very much like Andy Kauffman switching to his Tony Clifton persona, that’s why it seems very similar and where Joaquin got the idea from. Same thing with Sacha Baron Cohen who retired Borat/ Ali G and now he’s Bruno.

Remember that video where Joaquin was sitting with Miley Cyrus teaching him how to vote for this thing on a computer? I remember, Joaquin was back to his normal self, clean shaven and all. So that’s more proof that all this rap stuff is kind of a prank, a comedy thing. He wasn’t acting bizzare in that video, he was being his normal self. Joaquin will be back in movies, he’s not fooling anybody.



Report: Yo yo yo yo homeboy…a rapping Joaquin Phoenix has a music documentary in the works directed by Casey Affleck!!!

Ever since actor Joaquin Phoenix quit acting in film to start a music career, you wonder what genre of music he is going to perform. With him playing Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line”, we all think he is either going to get into rock and country. Well, I guess we all thought wrong. Joaquin plans to be a rapper. Yes, he wants to become a rap/hip hop artist.

Casey Affleck, who is the real life younger brother of Ben Affleck, will be tracking the career and life of Joaquin Phoenix for a future music documentary film. Phoenix will soon be heading into the studio to work on a rap album to be produced by Sean Combs. Phoenix is scheduled to make his first public live performance as a rapper tonight at a Las Vegas club.

Billboard reports:


Man, what a huge dissapointment. I for one, was hoping he will get into rock or country for his music career, but Joaquin as a rapper? I can’t see that at all. Joaquin to change his hollywood rich man image to a gangsta image? I bet Joaquin has been getting rap coaching by Sean Combs. I didn’t think Joaquin was a big fan of rap/hip hop. Really weird.