Film Review: I’m Still Here

So last night, I finally watched the movie, “I’m Still Here” on one of them ppv Movies On Demand things. Here is just a brief review.

This movie is about the mockumentary of actor, Joaquin Phoenix, retiring from acting to focus on a rap career. While Joaquin maybe looked at as a crazy and whacked out person in the media, I didn’t see that at all in the movie. Joaquin was actually seen pretty normal in this film. Yes, he was crazy in some parts but not that bad. What I saw in this film was a guy who is struggling to have a better life, he had a drug addiction with cocaine and other drugs. He changed his personality so people could be able to understand him as a person more. Joaquin may get angry and swear a lot in the film, but there is an emotional and sad part about him. The film showed his feud with the Spacehog frontman, Antony Langdon and Joaquin forms a friendship with rapper, P. Diddy Sean Combs. Through those scenes with Sean Combs, really showed the personality side of things with Joaquin.

The movie was not dark, it had some humorous moments of course, but the film was very serious in a way. The movie is definitely fictional, but I think the film exposed the real Joaquin Phoenix, that he might have a real drug problem like his brother River, had back in the day. Joaquin’s acting in this film was really good as usual, but he might get another Oscar nomination for Best Actor in this film, possibly.

I was pretty impressed with the film, liked it a lot.

Score for “I’m Still Here” (**** = 4 stars as in “excellent”)


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