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Barack Obama is back and he predictably slams FOX News viewers on David Letterman’s new show…

So let me get this straight… people don’t want Trump slamming the mainstream media but everyone trashing FOX News and its viewers is okay? Seriously? Sounds like to me that Obama is upset that the conservative movement has gotten big again. Well that’s too bad ’cause he’s going to have to learn that not everyone sees the world the same way he does.

Obama says we’re on a different planet if we watch FOX News:


So liberals think the MSM is credible source and FOX News is a joke, hey? They also believe that anyone who watches FOX News is a joke.

Obama is a guy who teamed up with George Soros so they can pay the media millions to promote the liberal agenda. Most Americans do not believe the MSM anymore… they lost all credibility when reporting news. The news don’t report news anymore. They just make things up as they go along. Most Americans are smart enough to see that which is a huge part of why Donald Trump won the presidency. We saw the media’s bullshit.

FOX News is getting more support lately and that network is getting bigger ’cause there’s no right vs. left bias. They report actual news which is why their ratings are getting so big. That’s what America wants to see… we want the news to report the truth and FOX News is the only network that does that. I find myself watching FOX News every night now.

It’s interesting that liberals still believe everything the MSM reports which is laughable. Over the years in my blogs, I try my best to warn you all that the MSM is bullshit. I’ve been bashing the media for years even when Obama was president.

Soros is paying the media millions to brainwash us all. I’m sick of liberalism being everywhere and being rammed down our throats everywhere.

So because the media says Donald Trump is a bad person, it must be true hey? Like I said none of us are buying their bullshit. We know Trump isn’t a bad man at all. If you think so, then it’s you who are the one who is living on a different planet. The anti-Trump crowd are living in a bubble which to me is sad. All they want to see are negative things about Trump, that’s why the Fake News MSM won’t give it up. The MSM won’t stop the anti-Trump agenda ’cause they know this stuff gives them an audience.

It should be easy to see that what the Fake News MSM says about Trump are all lies. All the media outlets: NBC, CNN, CBS, NPR radio, WaShPost, NYTimes, Media Matters, etc. They’re all fake news liberal trash.

People still want to deny liberal bias in the MSM. Well the Fake News treats Republicans like garbage but treats Democrats like they’re King & Queen. If that’s not liberal bias then I don’t know what it is. I’ve always said that Fake News MSM are lapdogs for liberals and they really are.

America are fed up with all this. I remember the days when NBC and CNN were reporting real news and actually had credibility but they’ve all turned to garbage. CNN is the worst of them all, though. If you actually follow all this liberal trash and believe them then you’re not a very smart person at all.

Obama may no longer be president but that doesn’t mean we’ll forget what he did to America and we’ll never forget his crimes. He needs to be in prison and looks like it may actually happen soon.


Led Zeppelin interview on David Letterman last night…

I stayed up to watch the Led Zeppelin interview on Letterman, and it was pretty funny and humorous. The guys in Led Zep have a good sense of humor. Of course, Robert and Jimmy did the most talking, though. Jonesy stayed quiet throughout most of the interview, although, he did crack a few jokes. They talked about the stuff that I predicted the other day with the interview. Just the Kennedy Center award, the career of Led Zeppelin, and the Celebration Day release. David Letterman, didn’t ask the band any upcoming reunion questions, which is weird. Letterman must have been told by the band that he couldn’t ask upcoming reunion questions. Which is understandable, the boys in Led Zep must be getting sick of the reunion questions, already! It was still a great interview, though. The dudes in Led Zep, seem like they’re very good guys.

Led Zeppelin has more interviews coming up, as they will be on Charlie Rose soon which  I don’t know the date they’re gonna be on yet, and I just found out this morning that Led Zep will have an interview for the next Guitar World magazine, as  they will be on the cover for the next one.

With all this hype of the Celebration Day release and Led Zep refusing to talk upcoming reunions, it’s giving me this feeling inside that another reunion might actually happen after all, and I’m sure it’s giving other fans this feeling too. Maybe the band is just waiting for the right time to announce it?


Edit to add: Here’s the video of the interview from last night, to those who missed it.

Led Zeppelin to appear on David Letterman this Monday night… but will they talk or just perform??? Or both…

The reason Led Zeppelin is appearing on Letterman this Monday night, is not only to help plug in the “Celebration Day” BluRay/DVD/CD release, it is also because Letterman is being honored at the Kennedy Center today too, along with Zeppelin.

We ALL know Letterman is going to ask them about an upcoming tour, and maybe Led Zeppelin will finally squash the tour speculation. Still though, the band could confirm a tour by saying, “Yes, we’re doing it”, out of the blue, just to put out an unexpected surprise. They could be keeping that confirmed tour top secret from us, all along, but I doubt it, though. So don’t get your hopes up. They’re probably gonna deny a tour, again for the 100th time. They’re probably just gonna talk about the Cebebration Day release, the Kennedy Center honors, and the career of Led Zeppelin.

Of course, there’s a possibility, they might perform on television too, so keep our fingers crossed on that.


Cool Photos: Noomi Rapace catches everyones attention in NYC wearing a red dress…

You ever had one of those days, where a beautiful woman walks by and everyone can’t keep their eyes off her? Well, NYC in Manhatten just experienced that. Noomi Rapace, made an appearance in NYC, to appear on the David Letterman show to promote, “Prometheus”. She wore a red dress that caught the eye of onlookers and she even stopped traffic.

See the pics, here.

The comments in that article are trash talking her, but I think she’s a gorgeous woman no matter what she wears.


Report: The Muslims can’t take a joke from David Letterman, late night host threatened by terrorists…

A member of the jihadist website urged the Muslim followers to cut the tongue of David Letterman, for making a joke about an al-Qaida leader.

More on it, here.

Well, lets hope they catch these guys fast. I bet Letterman is fearing for his life a little bit. Don’t be surprised if he responds to this on his show though.


Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night, quick thoughts…

So I watched Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night. It was quite interesting. He too admitted this whole thing is a fake, and an act for a documentary movie. Joaquin cleared this all up on why him and Casey Affleck are doing this film. Joaqin explained this movie, “I’m Still Here” is supposed to be like a TV reality show, like what you see in most reality shows on TV these days. Joaquin and Casey’s goal with the film, was that they wanted to trick people that this was real when it isn’t. Joaquin came out on the stage, all clean shaven and haircut like in the picture you see above. Joaquin knows that this rap character is going to give him a beat down and he admits the controversy. He apologized to Letterman for the act, but Letterman said he wasn’t offended and said the whole thing was a lot of fun. Letterman joked that he wants to be paid because he was in the movie for 5 minutes ’cause of the first Letterman appearance with Joaquin.

It seems that Casey and Joaquin agreed to give up this rap gimmick ’cause I guess too many people started to see it was fake. In my opinion, they didn’t need to give it up, they should have kept it going. I thought the whole rap gimmick thing was great comedy. The reason for the apology was that it was a good way to end this whole thing. All of this was scripted like a WWE thing. Joaquin Phoenix did a great job promoting himself as an actor this way. He wasn’t that well known in the past, but now because of this rap gimmick, created controversy, the dude’s even bigger than he was before.

Sometimes controversy, negative backlashes and bad publicity can actually be great. I’m never offended when I get a negative backlash from the public, as I actually love it all. This stuff actually helps promotes you and gets you more well known.


Thought: My take on this whole Joaquin Phoenix thing…

So Joaquin Phoenix is set to return to David Letterman, next Wednesday night on the 22nd. Will I watch? Yes, definitely. Will Joaquin come out all fully bearded, long haired with sun glasses? I don’t think he will. I’m predicting Joaquin will come out with his own self and just act normal next time. Just to confuse people some more. In the video below, you see Joaquin talking with Miley Cyrus. Joaquin cut off his long hair, clean shaven again and all that. It takes a long time to grow it all back.

So what’s up with his weird personality and why is he being crazy? It’s a gimmick! Kind of like a wrestling character. He’s just doing what ever it takes to promote himself as an actor. To get himself recognized more. Yes, a lot of people are going to hate Joaquin’s gimmick or alter ego, he’ll get a backlash for it. It worked for Andy Kauffman back in his time of day. Andy went from hero to badguy in the entertainment media. I think this whole gimmick Joaquin doing was inspired by Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton. Notice the similarities between Joaquin’s new gimmick and Tony Clifton?

It’s obvious that Joaquin’s retirement from movies was fake, I’ve been saying it all along. Joaquin kept signing on to new movie roles. He’s got a few up ahead of him.

So what’s with all the confusion with Joaquin possibly retiring from movies to do music? That’s the point of this whole thing. It was made to confuse people on purpose to get people talking. All of this is a ploy to help promote himself as an actor and his possible rap career if he’s serious about that too. I don’t take any of this stuff seriously. I don’t hate him for it, as I think all of this is very comical. I find it all hilarious. What’s even funnier is that people take it seriously, thinking it’s all real.

When Joaquin met with Miley in this video and he’s acting his own self, being normal. There’s your proof right there that his rap thing is all a gimmick.


Cool Video: Sylvester Stallone on David Letterman last night…

Sylvester Stallone is in New York City to promote the Expendables for late night TV. He went on David Letterman last night. On last night’s show, Sly and Dave talk dogs, his family, his broken neck, and of course, the Expendables movie. It was an entertaining interview. Sly’s humour was great as he brought out some laughs, but my only complaint is Sly’s outfit. Dude, what’s up with the purple outfit? I bet his wife, Jen, talked him into wearing that purple outfit. I was hoping Sly would come out wearing just jeans and a t-shirt to show off his physique a little bit.


Thought: Brock still supports David Letterman, he’s just being a man, that’s all…

So Letterman apologized to his wife and staff on an episode of the Late Show earlier this week. He maybe a cheater and maybe a sex addict, but the way I look at it, there is nothing wrong with being a sex addict. There are people like that everywhere. While I agree it is wrong to cheat while you’re already married or in a relationship, there is nothing wrong with having a sex addiction. It’s called being a guy. There are people out there that love sex and can’t get enough of it. I find that totally cool. If you want to have fun, getting laid with different women, go for it. Just don’t get married or don’t be in a committed relationship if you’re going to be a playa.

Why would the media get into Letterman’s personal life? They aren’t. Letterman made it public on his TV show which means it gives the right for the public to discuss and debate about. It was all up to him if he wanted to bring his personal life to the public and that’s what he’s doing.

Honestly though, it wasn’t only to save himself or to try and publicly humiliate John Halderman…I see this as a cry for more ratings. Whatever it takes to get more ratings, more power to him. He’s competing with Jay Leno and Conan O’ Brien in the ratings as you can see now.