Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night, quick thoughts…

So I watched Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night. It was quite interesting. He too admitted this whole thing is a fake, and an act for a documentary movie. Joaquin cleared this all up on why him and Casey Affleck are doing this film. Joaqin explained this movie, “I’m Still Here” is supposed to be like a TV reality show, like what you see in most reality shows on TV these days. Joaquin and Casey’s goal with the film, was that they wanted to trick people that this was real when it isn’t. Joaquin came out on the stage, all clean shaven and haircut like in the picture you see above. Joaquin knows that this rap character is going to give him a beat down and he admits the controversy. He apologized to Letterman for the act, but Letterman said he wasn’t offended and said the whole thing was a lot of fun. Letterman joked that he wants to be paid because he was in the movie for 5 minutes ’cause of the first Letterman appearance with Joaquin.

It seems that Casey and Joaquin agreed to give up this rap gimmick ’cause I guess too many people started to see it was fake. In my opinion, they didn’t need to give it up, they should have kept it going. I thought the whole rap gimmick thing was great comedy. The reason for the apology was that it was a good way to end this whole thing. All of this was scripted like a WWE thing. Joaquin Phoenix did a great job promoting himself as an actor this way. He wasn’t that well known in the past, but now because of this rap gimmick, created controversy, the dude’s even bigger than he was before.

Sometimes controversy, negative backlashes and bad publicity can actually be great. I’m never offended when I get a negative backlash from the public, as I actually love it all. This stuff actually helps promotes you and gets you more well known.


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