Thought: Brock still supports David Letterman, he’s just being a man, that’s all…

So Letterman apologized to his wife and staff on an episode of the Late Show earlier this week. He maybe a cheater and maybe a sex addict, but the way I look at it, there is nothing wrong with being a sex addict. There are people like that everywhere. While I agree it is wrong to cheat while you’re already married or in a relationship, there is nothing wrong with having a sex addiction. It’s called being a guy. There are people out there that love sex and can’t get enough of it. I find that totally cool. If you want to have fun, getting laid with different women, go for it. Just don’t get married or don’t be in a committed relationship if you’re going to be a playa.

Why would the media get into Letterman’s personal life? They aren’t. Letterman made it public on his TV show which means it gives the right for the public to discuss and debate about. It was all up to him if he wanted to bring his personal life to the public and that’s what he’s doing.

Honestly though, it wasn’t only to save himself or to try and publicly humiliate John Halderman…I see this as a cry for more ratings. Whatever it takes to get more ratings, more power to him. He’s competing with Jay Leno and Conan O’ Brien in the ratings as you can see now.


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