In defense of Adrien Brody for “Predators”…

Ever since the news was broke yesterday that Adrien Brody is starring the leading role in “Predators” as the film’s main action star, this idea is getting a lot of negativity and hate, as expected. I’m sure Robert Rodriguez expected a backlash on his choice of Adrien Brody, too.

Hey, even I said I’m not that big of a fan of his acting. Just because you don’t like his previous films in the past, does not mean he’s going to suck in this one.

Of course, most movie fans would want muscles and full of steroid action stars to be in “Predators”. Robert wanted a different idea. Robert wanted a guy with no action movie experience, so he went for a guy with acting talent. I don’t like Adrien’s acting eithier, but like him or not, Adrien has the skills. He is a talented actor. Robert clearly wanted a guy with acting talent, and not only being a tough guy badass.

Does Adrien have what it takes to be a toughguy badass? YES! He maybe getting a lot of hate now, but I think Adrien will not dissapoint “Predator” and action movie fans.

The reason for the hate on the choice of Adrien Brody is because he’s never done a sci-fi/action movie before, he’s mostly known as a drama star, and think he doesn’t have the potential to be an action movie star.

Hell, we all thought the same with Matt Damon when he was first announced he was doing the Bourne series. We all thought he didn’t have what it takes to be an action star, and Matt Damon was successful and delivered the Bourne films.

The same can happen with Adrien in “Predators”.

I have never seen, “The Pianist”, but I have seen him in the “King Kong” remake. “King Kong” was kind of like an action movie, almost.

If Robert had an action movie tough guy like Stallone, Dolph, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, The Rock, etc. play the lead in “Predators”, that would be silly and boring. Sci-fi action flicks that stars muscle action stars is getting old and boring.

I think Adrien’s the right guy, he’s perfect. This will indeed give him more opportunities to star in many more action flicks ahead after he’s done with “Predators”. Remember, a drama actor just don’t want to star in drama films his entire career.

I always saw Adrien Brody being an action movie kind of guy and I think he can pull it off. I think Robert Rodriguez is going to make this an awesome movie. Looking forward to seeing how he’s going to do it. I’m sure Robert will speak out soon on why he has chosen, Adrien Brody.

Just give Adrien a chance, I think he will deliver a great performance, doing his own action stunts and all.


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