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Report: Yo yo yo yo homeboy…a rapping Joaquin Phoenix has a music documentary in the works directed by Casey Affleck!!!

Ever since actor Joaquin Phoenix quit acting in film to start a music career, you wonder what genre of music he is going to perform. With him playing Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line”, we all think he is either going to get into rock and country. Well, I guess we all thought wrong. Joaquin plans to be a rapper. Yes, he wants to become a rap/hip hop artist.

Casey Affleck, who is the real life younger brother of Ben Affleck, will be tracking the career and life of Joaquin Phoenix for a future music documentary film. Phoenix will soon be heading into the studio to work on a rap album to be produced by Sean Combs. Phoenix is scheduled to make his first public live performance as a rapper tonight at a Las Vegas club.

Billboard reports:


Man, what a huge dissapointment. I for one, was hoping he will get into rock or country for his music career, but Joaquin as a rapper? I can’t see that at all. Joaquin to change his hollywood rich man image to a gangsta image? I bet Joaquin has been getting rap coaching by Sean Combs. I didn’t think Joaquin was a big fan of rap/hip hop. Really weird.