Reports: More details on Joaquin Phoenix’s rap mockumentary film here…

This blogger at the LA Times revealed more details about Joaquin Phoenix’s rap mockumentary. It is titled, “I’m Still Here: The Lost Year Of Joaquin Phoenix”. In the film shows all the stuff you’ve been seeing in youtube, including the David Letterman appearance…but of course, there is a lot of new footage that haven’t been seen by the public yet. Stuff like Joaquin snorting cocaine, eating pussy with his female publicist, having a bad attitude with people, etc. Lots of crazy stuff. The film even has male nudity, lets hope the film doesn’t show Joaquin actually naked. There’s plenty of controversial footage throughout the movie.

Is Joaquin trying to be the next Andy Kauffman/Sacha Baron Cohen? Seems like he is, but ten times more brutal. I still stand corrected that everything Joaquin is doing, is just an act. A storyline thing ’cause all of this seems to be inspired by Andy Kauffman. It all seems pretty Andy Kauffman like. Joaquin’s new image is very much like Andy Kauffman switching to his Tony Clifton persona, that’s why it seems very similar and where Joaquin got the idea from. Same thing with Sacha Baron Cohen who retired Borat/ Ali G and now he’s Bruno.

Remember that video where Joaquin was sitting with Miley Cyrus teaching him how to vote for this thing on a computer? I remember, Joaquin was back to his normal self, clean shaven and all. So that’s more proof that all this rap stuff is kind of a prank, a comedy thing. He wasn’t acting bizzare in that video, he was being his normal self. Joaquin will be back in movies, he’s not fooling anybody.


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