5 Reasons to like “Friday Night Lights”…

So “Friday Night Lights” is finally back. The premiere of Season 4 aired last Friday over the weekend and I watched it very good episode. Why do I love the show so much? Well there are 5 reasons….

  1. Kyle Chandler is a great actor. Kyle Chandler who plays Coach Eric Taylor can be very entertaining ’cause he has a really short fuse and has a temper tantrum. The reason he acts this way on the show ’cause it’s his way of trying to get the players on the team more motivated in football, plus all Eric cares about is his team winning games like most sports coaches do. So he uses his temper to get players all fired up and ready for the game. This is an entertaining character and it’s one reason why I watch it. Whenever “Friday Night Lights” gets canned for good in the future, I have a feeling that Kyle Chandler will become a huge movie star in the future. He already had a few pretty big roles in Hollywood movies such as Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” remake and he had a role in, “The Day The Earth Stood Still” remake as well.
  2. Taylor Kitsch as Tim Riggins. He’s another entertaining character of the series. Taylor Kitsch is already a Hollywood actor before this show. Tim Riggins is a flaky kind of character who is an alcoholic and plays a loser type of character on the show. This is one reason that makes the show good.
  3. Minka Kelly as Lyla Garrity. Another reason to like this show is the gorgeous and sexy, Minka Kelly. Damn, she’s one fine looking chick.
  4. Good writing. The scripts of the episodes is what keeps the show going and what keeps people watching. The show has really good writing. Most shows on TV has bad writing, but “FNL”, the writing almost seems like a movie script, rather than a TV show.
  5. It feels like old school primetime drama. A show like this can make you feel like watching “The Wonder Years” or “Doogie Howser”. It almost feels like the 80’s of drama TV all over again. “FNL” is the real deal.

Glad the show is finally back.


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