Report: In defense of Mickey Rourke’s “most actors suck” comments…sorry, he has some valid points…

Mickey Rourke recently had an interview with website, he said a comment that is creating some controversy online. Mickey Rourke says:

“You can be less than mediocre and be a f—ing movie star. I have respect for very few actors and actresses.” 


“”Some of them get a lot of acclaim but just because their movie made $200 million at the box office; they still suck. I got no respect for them and I used to let them know it. It was important for me to put that aside and go, ‘You know what? This is a business. If you kiss the right ass and you get lucky on a movie or two, you could last 10 years.’ So, now, I just keep my mouth shut and pet my chihuahuas.”

Most bloggers on the internet are slamming Mickey Rourke for his controversial comments on how “most actors and actresses suck”. His opinions maybe harsh, but hey, people, it’s a free country so he has a right for an opinion.

I for one, am with Mickey Rourke, I agree with him 100%. Most actors and actresses do suck these days. There are only very few actors/actresses that I respect that bring out the good acting chops as well. A lot of today’s huge box office movies such as “Avatar”, “Iron Man” and such movies as those…they have actors/actresses in the leading roles of those type of movies which their acting skills aren’t really that great. That’s what Mickey means by his comments. For example, Sam Worthington is a horrible choice for a leading actor in “Avatar” and I think it would be a better movie if they had an actor with the talent. Robert Downey Jr. is okay, but he’s nothing special anymore. I like Robert Downey’s acting in his earlier movies when he was doing all these serious dramas, now he’s a popcorn action star.

There are very few actors and actresses that I respect too. For actors:  Daniel Day Lewis, Al Pacino and George Clooney. Those are actors with actual talent, in my opinion. For actresses I would pick: Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, and Kate Winslet. While I like Sly Stallone, I’ll admit he isn’t the best actor in the world, I just like him for the entertainment, nothing more. The same with Arnie Schwarzenegger.

Mickey wants people to look at the actor’s talent. Not worrying about how much money a movie makes. You have to admit that Mickey is so right on everything he says. The only reason the online world is mad at his opinions because they know he’s right on the money. I also think Mickey Rourke is a talented actor himself, he’s been in lots of great flicks. Of course, I think “The Wrestler” is his best movie.


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