There Will Be Blood…

Last night, I finally watched the movie, “There Will Be Blood” for the first time ever. It came out in 2007, I know I’m way late on the movie, but I never got around to seeing it until now and I always wanted to see it. I would have to say I was very impressed with the film. Very good story and moving. Daniel Day-Lewis’s best character ever, in my opinion. No wonder he won the Oscar for this role ’cause his acting is really powerful in this film.

Daniel Day-Lewis plays a character named Daniel Plainview where he plays a mineral and oil prospector. He owns his own company along with his young son, H.W.. He adopted a baby along his oil and mineral adventures. A young man named Paul Sunday, goes to Daniel to make a deal to go to Little Boston, California to dig up oil discovered under this family’s land. Daniel’s only mission is to make a lot of money off of oil drilling. So he goes to Little Boston with his son, to try and buy this land off this family after drilling the oil from their land. As Daniel works on oil drilling there, he meets up with a disturbing and crazy preacher named, Eli Sunday, who Daniel doesn’t get along with too well. The people in Little Boston is a poor town, while all Daniel cares about is getting rich. Beware, there is a pretty heavy twist at the end of the film, that may shock you pretty hard.

The film was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, I know he’s not everyone’s favorite director but I think this is the best film he’s ever done. I have no complaints about the film at all. Just a perfectly well made film all around.  Check it out if you haven’t yet.


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