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Film Review: American Hustle…

Starring: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence

Directed by: David O’ Russell

Today, I finally got around to seeing “American Hustle” in theater and here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: This film tells the story of a brilliant con-man named Irving Rosenfeld (Bale) and his girlfriend Sydney Prosser (Adams) is forced to work with a crazy FBI agent named, Richie Dimaso (Cooper). Dimaso pushes them into a world of dangerous powerbrokers and mafia. Carmine Polito (Renner) the passionate, volatile, political operator is caught between the con-artists and the Feds. Irving’s unpredictable wife Rosalyn (Lawrence) could be the one to pull the thread that brings the entire world down. 

Is this film a team up between “The Fighter” and “Silver Linings Playbook”? Seems like it is and that’s alright with me. I was very impressed with this film. As a matter of fact, I was actually blown away by it. For once, we don’t have a violent popcorn action flick and we have a serious drama. We have a movie here that is smart, well-written and well-acted by the cast.

Christian Bale kills it with his acting like usual and I thought this was one of his best roles other than his role in, “The Fighter”. Christian looked very strange being an overweight guy in this film but he was very believable and like-able. The rest of the cast did an amazing job too. I was never a fan of Jeremy Renner too much… couldn’t stand his acting in certain films but I thought he was real good in this one. Bradley Cooper killed it too as well as the ladies Amy and Jennifer. Speaking of Amy and Jennifer, they were pretty smoking hot in this movie. Both of them were. You will see hot cleavage from both of those ladies throughout the film as you see in the photo above and there is even a lesbian kiss with them too! There is also a surprising cameo appearance by Robert Deniro in the film.

The film was also well-written. You’ll be hooked to the story as soon as the movie starts and you won’t get bored one bit. It was entertaining as hell all the way through. While this movie is a strictly drama, it can be comical too ’cause there are some hilarious scenes and funny lines that will get you crackin’ up. The film was well-directed and there are some interesting hair styles and costumes throughout the movie as I believe this film is taking place during the 70’s. The soundtrack was awesome as well as I liked the song choices that were played for the film.

I thought the film was just perfect, and have no complaints about it at all whatsoever. Those who accuse the director of exploiting women by showing a lot of cleavage and side boob need to get over themselves. If there were no sexy women in this film, then the film wouldn’t have worked. Although, I wish there would be some nudity in it and the film would have been even better. The closest you’ll get to nudity in the film is that Jennifer wears a see-through, you can see her breasts and nipples just barely but STILL a cool scene, though.

The film was very enjoyable and I loved it. Definitely gonna get the BluRay when it comes out. It’s also definitely gonna score some Oscar nominations.

Two thumbs up for “American Hustle”.


Cool Video: “Man of Steel” trailer #2 is now online!!!

Warner Bros., just released the new trailer for “Man of Steel”, with actual footage from the film. From what I’ve seen so far, looks pretty amazing. I’m impressed, and the trailer gave me goosebumps. You get a closer look at the other characters in the film finally, including a first look at Michael Shannon as General Zod, which you can see him at 1:52, in the trailer. I really hope this is a great Superman movie that we’ve all been wanting, so please, please, let this be good!

This is the trailer you will see in front of “The Hobbit”, this weekend.

Enjoy all!


Film Review: The Muppets…

Starring: The Muppets, Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and a whole list of celebrity cameos. 

Directed by: James Bobin

Today, I went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping for family, and I ended up seeing the Muppets. I wasn’t gonna see the Muppets, I was gonna wait for DVD, but I decided to see it anyway, just to kill some time and nothing else was playing. Anyway, I bought 4 music albums on CD for myself. I picked up: “Amy Winehouse – Lioness: Hidden Treasures”, “The Black Keys – El Camino”, “Bjork – Biophilia”, and “Kate Bush – 50 Words For Snow”. I’ll talk about those albums after I listen to them. On with my review…

Plot/synopsis: Walter, a new muppet character introduced lives with his best friend Gary (Jason Segel). Walter is a huge fan of the Muppets and dreams of joining them, but the Muppets are no longer together anymore and they’ve all separated. Each Muppet character has a different job and doing other things in their lives. Gary and his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) take Walter to the Muppets Studios, but they discover it is closed and no longer in use. Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) an evil businessman who plans to destroy the Muppets Theater so he can drill for oil, but the Muppets must raise $10 million dollars to save the studio at a certain time. The Muppets need to reunite so they can revive the show they had in the past, so they can save their legendary studio. 

This film was given mostly positive reviews by critics and movie fans, but I was very disappointed in the film. I felt that they ruined the Kermit character in this movie. They made Kermit look bad throughout the film and he’s not supposed to be this way. He’s supposed to be enjoyable and heartfelt. They gave Kermit a darker character in this movie.

As for why I didn’t like this movie, I’ll explain the good and the bad things about “The Muppets”….

The Good – The history of the Muppets (throughout the film it showed vintage clips from their classic TV show from the past, which one thing I liked about the film), Amy Adams (She was actually enjoyable and fun in this movie like always), The Muppets paying tribute to Nirvana (they did their rendition of “Teen Spirit” in the film, which actually put a smile on my face), the Jack Black appearance (He’s funny like he always is).

The Bad – Jason Segel and Walter (this film would have been better if Jason and Walter weren’t in this film, they pretty much ruined the movie. I can’t stand Jason Segel as an actor.) The script is loaded with plot holes (there are things in the plot where it didn’t make any sense at all, how is the writer coming up with this stuff?), the music (the songs that were performed by the characters weren’t that enjoyable, the only song that actually put a smile on my face was when the Muppets sang their main theme song toward the end of the movie, but the rest of the music was awful), Muppets being full bodied (Seeing Muppets with legs is kind of gross, in my opinion, it makes them look naked.)

There were a few enjoyable scenes and there were a few laughs, but most of the film was pretty bad. I don’t know, I didn’t get it. I thought separating the Muppets like that was a pretty stupid idea.

Do I feel bad seeing the Muppets? A film I didn’t like? No. I saw the Toy Story short cartoon before the movie and was worth it. The Toy Story short before the film was the best thing about “The Muppets”. I say “The Muppets” was the worst film of 2011.

Score for “The Muppets” = * (1 star as in “poor”)


Cool Photos: See Henry Cavill and Amy Adams on the set of “Man Of Steel” in Alaska…

The cast and crew left Chicago while filming, Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” a few weeks ago, they are now filming in Alaska.

The pics above is a fully bearded Henry Cavill and the redhead Amy Adams filming, the next Superman flick.

See more pics, here.

The more I see behind the scenes pics of, “Man of Steel”, the more I begin to think it’s “Superman: Begins”, much like, “Batman: Begins”. Look like Clark Kent will start off with a full beard in the opening scenes of the movie.

I’m more looking forward to seeing pics of Michael Shannon as, General Zod. They haven’t shown us yet.


Cool Video: “The Muppets” teaser trailer hits the internets today…

“The Muppets” teaser trailer by Disney drops today. The movie actually looks pretty good. I actually liked the trailer. The “Green With Envy” thing is not the actual title of the movie. The movie is about this Hollywood couple going to L.A. to film a movie which is titled, “Green With Envy”. That’s the movie they film in the “Muppets” movie. When I first saw the trailer, I scratched my head at first but I gave it a few more viewings and it grew on me. The movie looks fun.

I’m probably gonna check this movie out, but to be honest, no Muppet movie will top “The Great Muppet Caper”. “The Great Muppet Caper” will always be the best Muppets movie. Period.


Thought: Why I believe Amy Adams was chosen as Lois Lane…

Amy Adams being picked as Lois Lane for the new “Superman” movie is getting so much mixed opinions online. Some say she’s too old for the role (she’s 36), some say she doesn’t have the look, and some say she doesn’t have the right hair color.

Now if I remember correctly, Lois Lane, did have red hair before, in the comics. I forgot about that. Keep in mind that Lois Lane’s look was inspired by Jerry Siegel’s wife, Joanne Carter, and the Lois Lane name was borrowed from a singer named, Lola Lane.

Lois was a woman, who worked at the Daily Planet as this reporter, who competed with Clark Kent as a writer. Lois was a brave woman who would do anything risky and dangerous, just to get a story. She was also obsessed with revealing Clark’s true identity. That’s her personality with the Superman franchise. She is supposed to be a tough and aggressive woman. She didn’t mess around and she was very serious.

Zack Snyder said plenty of times that this is going to be a different Superman movie. It won’t be based on any of the comics or the other movies. It’ll feel like there have been no Superman movies like he said before. That’s why Amy was picked. She’s different. People say Amy is too old for Henry Cavill? Well Margot Kidder was older than Christopher Reeve, right? YES.

Lois Lane doesn’t need to be a hot barbie doll. Zack wanted this movie to be “realistic”. Amy is a normal looking woman, that’s why she is hired. She doesn’t have to have breast implants and plastic surgery. That’s not Amy. That’s not what Lois is supposed to be. They don’t want another Margot Kidder version of Lois Lane, maybe that’s another reason why she was hired. Amy just gave her own style to the character, which I believe is what the film makers wanted.

Even if they want Lois to have brunette hair, they can change Amy’s hair color just for the movie alone. That’s what the hair stylist’s job is. Lois Lane is a very important character and she needs to be real. If you seen Amy’s acting in other movies like “Enchanted” and “The Fighter”, she makes all of her characters seem so real. Maybe that’s another reason she was hired. Plus she’s a fucking good actress and pretty hot.

I think she deserves the role and she’s going to nail it.