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RIP: Margot Kidder 1948 – 2018…


I think I’m pretty bummed about this one. Margot Kidder most famous for playing the role of Lois Lane for the original Superman movies also starring Christopher Reeve. Margot starred in all 4 Superman flicks. While she was the leading co-star in most of the movies, she wasn’t in Superman III all that much. Right after her role of “Superman: The Movie” which made her famous, she starred in the classic horror film “The Amityville Horror” which we all should know about. I also remember she had a role in Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II”.

I grew up watching the Superman movies with Chris Reeve my whole life. Seen the 4 movies many times. Now I own the 4 Superman movies in a bluray boxed set which I’m proud to have. While I’m a huge fan of the original Superman films, the first two films will always be the best one in the series. I did like part III and part IV “The Quest For Peace” was just okay.

A sad loss in Hollywood ’cause she was great. I’m sure we all looked up to her ’cause the original Superman movies were important to us all.


The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #12: The Amityville Horror (1979)

You think you’re scared watching ghost movies like the “Paranormal Activity” franchise? Well, why don’t you try watching the original “Amityville Horror”, film starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder. This is a perfect film to watch with all the lights off, and you’ll probably have nightmares watching it. This film is a pretty scary film. It’s about a newlywed couple who moves into this old home where a murder was committed, and strange things start happening at the home. This is a great flick.


BREAKING NEWS: Amy Adams is Lois Lane for Zack Snyder’s “Superman”!!!

So far the confirmed castings for Zack Snyder’s “Superman” movie are: Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. Michael Shannon haven’t been confirmed yet but WB’s and Snyder are interested in him though.

Here is the next surprising casting, Amy Adams, the Disney’s “Enchanted” and “The Fighter” star is set to play Lois Lane for the new upcoming, Superman movie.Yep, this redhead beauty is set to play Superman’s sidekick and love interest.

Read the full story,  here.

I love Amy Adams, and I was hoping they would get her for “Superman” but not as Lois Lane though. Amy would be more fitting for Lana Lang. Lana Lang, the redhead who was Clark’s first love interest in Smallville. Oh well, I’m sure Amy can nail the Lois Lane role nicely.

Next they would have to cast someone for Perry White and Jimmy Olsen. Who would they get for them?

My pick for Perry White would be Terence Stamp. Terence played General Zod in “Superman II” but it wouldn’t hurt to put Terence in a different role for a new Superman movie right? For Jimmy Olsen, I’d say Sharlto Copley (“District 9″/’A-Team” star). It’ll be interesting to see who they’ll cast for Perry and Jimmy. Can’t wait.


Report: Margot Kidder joins Rob Zombie’s “H2″…

The filming of Rob Zombie’s Halloween sequel, “H2”, has just begun and he is still not done casting yet. Mr. Zombie, has just added Margot Kidder to the still growing cast. Forgotten who she was? Lets take a trip back to memory lane. She played the original Lois Lane in the first four “Superman” movies, the horror film “Black Christmas”, and the original “Amityville Horror”.  Kidder is set to play a character named, Barbara Collier, who is Laurie Strode’s therapist.

From Rob Zombie’s official myspace: