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Rob Zombie to take a break from horror films and direct a biopic on Groucho Marx…

We all know that Rob Zombie has done nothing but horror films but finally he wants to do something different. Rob’s next film is that he is planning to direct a biopic on Groucho Marx, who is a legendary actor & comedian most famous as one of the Marx Bros. The film will be based on the book titled, “Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House” and it will focus on the last days of Groucho Marx’s life.


Interesting. I’m a big fan of the Marx Bros. movies and I used to watch ’em all the time. Will Sheri Moon have a role in this film? I would think so ’cause she’s in all of his movies. I would think she would play one of Groucho’s wives. Hopefully she won’t have a big role in it ’cause I agree with most that she’s not a good actress. Hopefully she gets a small role or a cameo.


New “Halloween” film to start filming in July…

Dimension announced that a new Halloween film is returning to the big screen and filming will begin in July. The title of the next installment will be, “Halloween Returns” and the script was written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan who wrote many of the “Saw” sequels. The film will also be directed by Marcus Dunstan.


The story is gonna be a standalone film — in which it won’t have anything to do with the original series or the two Rob Zombie films… here is the plot:


I’m sure Dimension really wanted Rob Zombie back but I remember Rob saying he would never do “Halloween 3”. I guess he wanted to move on from it. He wouldn’t tell us why…


So since Rob isn’t coming back for the next one, Dimension decided to come up with their own story.

I wonder what the Michael Myers mask is gonna look like for the next one? I hope they bring the original William Shatner mask back… I don’t want the Rob Zombie mask.

I know the two Rob Zombie films weren’t everyone’s favorite but I’m probably one of the very few who loved Rob’s two “Halloween” films. Yeah I loved them both! It’s kind of too bad he doesn’t want to come back to 3 but I understand how he wants to move on and do his own thing. Maybe it is best they move on without Rob since “Halloween II” didn’t do so well in the box office.

This new movie will probably come out next Halloween, not this year. Hopefully they do a good job with it.


Is Sheri Moon using Rob Zombie to get a career in acting? I’d say absolutely!!!

Last night, I finally watched Rob Zombie’s latest directed horror film, “The Lords of Salem”, which stars Rob’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie in the leading role. It’s about the Salem witches and the occult. I’d have to say that the movie was actually pretty interesting and it was okay but what ruined it was Sheri Moon in the leading role. She’s not a great actress at all, and I think Rob’s film making career is going to tank if he keeps having her in his films. Sheri’s acting sucks and she’s not a good looking lady at all. The plot was actually pretty decent as I liked the story it told — it’s just Rob’s choice of the leading actress that bothered me.

Sheri Moon starred in Rob’s previous films but they were supporting roles for “House of 1,000 Corpses”, “The Devils Rejects”, “Halloween”, and “Halloween II”. Now she gets her first leading role in, “The Lords of Salem”.

From what I understand, Sheri Moon’s acting career started when Rob had her star in many of his solo career music videos. He also had her on a few album single covers and a cover of a remix album. She got her start as a dancer for White Zombie, Rob’s previous band.

She did one Rob Zombie directed-less project for example, she had a role in Tobe Hooper’s, “Toolbox murders”.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Rob is totally obsessed with this woman and he’s doing whatever it takes to give her a big career in film. Well, his goal isn’t working ’cause all of the movies Rob directed with her in it flopped in the box office (with the exception of the “Halloween” remake which was a big hit) and his movies got negative reviews by the public.

Come on, Rob. If the guy can pick other good actresses other than her, than maybe his films WILL be more successful. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next directed horror film he does, he will have Sheri Moon in some type of role again. Rob is a talented film maker and writer. No doubt about that, I’m not knocking his talent at all. I’m only knocking his obsession with Sheri Moon. He really needs to back off on her and give other actresses a chance.

In my opinion, I think she’s just a gold digger who just married him for a career boost and for the money, of course. When will Rob Zombie himself wake up and realize this? I sure can’t wait for the divorce to come ’cause that’s gonna be entertaining stuff. She could be more richer and more famous than him someday — he’s going to one day regret what he did. Again, he’s a creative and talented guy, it’s just that his obsession with Sheri Moon is crazy stuff.

I don’t mean to spoil things with the “Lords of Salem” but I didn’t find it a surprise that the first scene she appeared in… yep, it had to be a nude scene. They didn’t show her tits, though… just her ass.

With that being said, I’m with most movie fans that it’s pretty insane that he have to have her in every film he does. Don’t be surprised if he gets her again for his next movie. I wish he would try to direct a horror film without her for once… he should at least give it a try.


The Brock’s Horror Film Pick #11: Halloween 1 – 2 (Rob Zombie directed)

The two Rob Zombie “Halloween” remakes got mixed reviews, the 2nd one was most hated than the 1st, but I personally enjoyed them both. I loved Rob Zombie’s unique way of film making and storytelling. Tyler Mane is a good choice for the new, Michael Myers. I thought both of these films were brilliant, and I plan to re-watch them both pretty soon. I have both on DVD. What people don’t understand is that Rob Zombie likes to focus on the badguy more than the goodguy, so his focus is entirely on Michael Myers throughout both of these films. I don’t care if other people loved or hated the films, I go by own opinion alone. These were excellent flicks! I think ROb Zombie is one of the best horror film directors out there, he really knows his stuff.


Report: Rob Zombie kills, “The Blob” remake for the “Lords of Salem” instead…

Director/musician, Rob Zombie, finally decided to kill his, “Blob” remake and decided to do something different instead. Rob’s next directorial project will be a film called, “Lords of Salem”. If you’re a fan of Rob’s music, you would know that the “Lords of Salem” was also named after one of Rob’s solo songs.

The film is set in contemporary Salem, where the inhabitants receive a demonic visit from a 300 year old coven of witches.

See the article at Deadline, here.

For those who doesn’t understand where Rob got the inspiration from, the Lords of Salem is a story taken from the Salem-witch-trials back in between 1692-1693. Do the math, 300 years ago would land around that time in the 1600’s.

This project sounds much better than, “The Blob” remake we don’t need. Thank you Rob!!!! 🙂


Film Review: Halloween II

Starring: Tyler Mane, Sheri Moon Zombie, Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm Macdowell

Directed by: Rob Zombie

Just saw “Halloween II” today, on a nice hot Tuesday, I decided to take a nice long bike trip up to the Wilton Mall which wasn’t a bad trip. I enjoyed the long ride, good cardio workout.

Now on to my review of “Halloween II”:

Plot/Synopsis: Leaving right off of Rob Zombie’s first “Halloween” film, Laurie Strode struggles to get her life back together to recover from the horrible incidents that came from her confrontations with her brother, Michael Myers, a serial killer from Haddonfield. Dr. Loomis tries to tell Haddonfield that Michael Myers is dead when the public still disagrees that Michael’s body is missing.

When Laurie finds out that Michael Myers is still alive, Michael and Laurie will once again reunite. The story gets very deep with the connection of Michael Myers and Laurie. In Rob Zombie’s versions of “Halloween” it seems that Michael Myers still had a love for Laurie and never wanted to kill her although it may seem like it, this shows a strong connection between Laurie and Michael. There is also some deep insight about Michael’s mother who is played by Sheri Moon, which gets into more insight on how Michael became what he became, a murderous monster.

Despite the negative reviews of movie critics and fans, I would have to say that this is not a bad movie at all. I thought it was pretty well made. Most critics and fans accuse this movie of being nothing but a gore fest, which is probably why most didn’t like it.

You see, I disagree. The movie is more than just a gore fest, it actually has a plot and a storyline to it. Like I said above, the movie got into deep insight about Laurie Strode and Michael’s mom, this movie made you feel like Michael Myers was more human and real.

I have been watching horror flicks for years, so I’m used to the gore fest and the very dark material. The murders in the film were very brutal and intense, probably the most intense murders in a horror film I’ve ever seen. It seemed more real and things like this can happen in real life if there is a dangerous serial killer on the loose in your town.

I find this a very special film for many reasons. So to those that are trashing the film in a negative direction, is just further proof that Rob is a good film maker, a controversial guy that knows how to grab people’s attention. Rob wants Michael Myers to feel like a real person while John Carpenter’s version didn’t. Why? Well let me explain…

In John Carpenter’s version of Michael Myers, the character was crazy and insane, yes, but it didn’t really feel right. I think that’s what made Rob Zombie to remake his version ’cause he wanted the character to feel more realistic. Carpenter’s version, Michael just slowly walked around stabbing everyone that stepped in his way. Zombie’s version of the character actually did things.

People are accusing Rob Zombie that he has ruined the classic version of Carpenter’s. Per see, that’s not the case. Rob is actually making the character much better than the original. Killers are supposed to be brutal and intense, Carpenter’s wasn’t.

As long as people are hating Rob’s version and liking Carpenter’s version better, that just shows that people don’t know much about the horror genre. People are almost always about the “original” and “classics”. Rob wanted to tell stories about Michael Myers that Carpenter didn’t really tell. Rob felt there were some pretty important stuff left out that Carpenter didn’t really tell.

I thought the film was very good. I liked the fact that Rob ditched the classic Halloween theme song throughout the film, to get a different feel. I honestly thought this film was better than Rob Zombie’s first “Halloween” film. An improvement from Rob Zombie indeed.

Score for Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II”: **** (4 stars as in excellent)


Report: Rob Zombie set to remake, “The Blob”…

Even though, Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II” is out in theaters now, Rob already signed his next movie deal. He will next direct a remake of the 1958 science fiction/horror film, “The Blob”. This would be the second “Blob” remake, as the film was already remade into a teen version in 1988 that starred Kevin Dillon.

Once again, Rob plans to make his version of “The Blob” totally different and plans to make it much scarier and darker. If you’re planning to see that huge Jello thing in Rob’s version, don’t count on it.

Read what Rob has to say about his version, of “The Blob” here:


This sounds cool, Rob, but come on, dude, enough with the remakes! I wish Rob would do a new original horror film ’cause I loved, “House of a 1,000 Corpses”.


RANT: Rob Zombie is a good film maker, like him or not…

This is in response to all the negativity and hate that Rob Zombie has been getting to his new “Halloween” franchise, as of late. When people are bashing and hating on Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” sequels, it just amazes me, how uninformed people really are about Hollywood film making.

The reason I believe that people are hating on Rob’s versions of these Halloween movies is that they are claiming that Rob is ruining these classics. He is only making them better and improving them.

I love the first Zombie’s “Halloween” for a lot of reasons. I’ll talk about the sequel too.

  • John Carpenter – Yes, the original “Halloween” with Jamie Lee Curtis is a classic. Rob has been wanting to re-make the “Halloween” movies for a long while, so John Carpenter gave Rob the approval, but he have to make his own version of it. John ordered Rob to not copy every scene from the original which Rob did exactly that. Rob made “Halloween” his own movie. It’s a different and original film. Rob wanted to show how Michael Myers turned into a serial killer, while John Carpenter’s version didn’t do that at all. Michael Myers is supposed to be a psychotic madman that is supposed to be insane. John Carpenter made the character crazy and insane, but not insane enough the way Rob made him. Rob knows how the character is supposed to be and he did a fine job at it, in my opinion. The way the old Michael Myers (Carpenter’s version) slowly walked around killing people was actually kind of boring, while Rob’s version of Michael Myers made him more fun and entertaining.
  • Michael Myers mask being different than the Carpenter version – Another complaint that the Zombie haters are complaining about, is the new version of the mask. They don’t like how it isn’t the same as the original. Like Carpenter said, Rob wasn’t allowed to make everything the same as the originals, so he had no choice but to make the mask different. I personally find the new mask much scarier and creepier than the John Carpenter version. You have to admit that it’s much scarier looking. I wouldn’t want the mask to be the same, I would want a different look too.
  • Sherri Moon being casted – Rob’s wife, Sherri Moon, is being attacked because they think she has bad acting skills and keep saying hateful things about her, that she needs to quit acting and not being allowed to star in the “Halloween” films. They hate her for that she stars in every Rob Zombie horror film because she’s his wife. Well, yeah. Of course. Nothing wrong with getting a job for your family, is there? Have you ever had a family member who owned a business and he/she gets you a job there for free, no matter what happens? It’s the same with Rob and Sherri. It’s the same with WWE when Vince McMahon gives his kids jobs at the WWE company. As far as Sherri Moon’s acting skills though, the only reason, they are shitting on her acting is because she is Rob Zombie’s wife and she’s beautiful. They are jealous of Rob that he has a hot wife. In horror films, you don’t have to have an Oscar worthy performance. There is bad acting all over horror films. Attacking Sherri Moon for her acting skills is pretty lame and silly, in my opinion. I agree, her acting isn’t the greatest but I thought her character playing Michael’s mom as a stripper worked pretty well, in my opinion. On top of that, Sherri’s been acting in Rob’s film work way before he started working on movies. Sherri’s been starring in many of White Zombie’s music videos and his solo music career videos too. She’s also been appearing on their album covers, a lot as well. Rob has an obsession with her, so what, nothing wrong with it.
  • The sequel getting rid of it’s classic “theme” song – So Rob Zombie ditched the classic theme song from the original Halloween for his sequel. Sorry to say, but I think this is a good plan. To try and have a much darker and scarier score. It helps makes the film original. I wouldn’t want to hear the same theme song in every film, would be boring and Rob felt it was time to ditch it for something new.
  • Rob’s directing style – A lot of people seem to shit on Rob’s camera work and style of directing. I think Rob’s one of the most talented horror directors out there. Sorry guys, but this isn’t the 80’s anymore. All them horror directors in the 80’s: John Carpenter, Wes Craven, George A. Romero, Tobe Hooper, etc. They all had their time. These are the 2000’s years. I’ve had a post that the reason so many horror remakes are happening, is because of today’s technology and they want to make horror films look like new with technology that they didn’t have back in those days.
  • Remakes shouldn’t be happening, they are ruining the classics – This is another popular argument with movie remakes. A lot of people complaining that classic films shouldn’t be remade ’cause they ruin ’em. Ya know, I’ll be honest, I have no problem with remakes and actually glad that the classics are being remade. It’s a good thing actually. People saying that remakes ruin the classics, doesn’t make a bit of sense at all. When they say that remakes ruin the classics, they mostly say it without any insight to backup with their discussion. How is it ruining the classics? You can’t think of an answer can ya? That’s just proof it isn’t ruining the classics. Rob’s Halloween series are successful, like ’em or not. He was the one that started all these horror films to be remade, since the classic films are getting too old, I find it okay to make new versions. I liked the “Friday the 13th” remake, they did a great job with that one. “Texas Chainsaw” remake was really good too.

I really am looking forward to seeing “H2” this year, Rob is a genius film maker and he will be considered a horror directing legend 20 years from now.


Will have a post coming up soon to defend Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” franchise…

This franchise, Rob Zombie’s take on “Halloween” is getting so much negative hate. You think when a director gets so much hate on how bad he makes movies, well, that’s just proving nothing of how really good he is. If he’s creating controversy, and getting people talking about his films, good or bad, he’s doing something right.

I will have a rant later today to defend Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”. I will make movie fans look like they don’t even know anything when it comes to Hollywood films.


Cool Video: Rob Zombie’s “H2” teaser trailer is already online, OMG, the movie looks incredible!!!

Rob Zombie’s “H2” trailer is online already. Keep in mind, that this is a totally original film, it’s not a remake of “Halloween II”. In “H2” it has the similar plot idea where Laurie Strode is at a hospital and all that, but it’s all 100% Rob Zombie’s vision.

My jaw dropped seeing this trailer. It looks better than the first, and I’m already looking forward to seeing it in Aug. Fuck yeah, this looks like to be a fun flick!

Check it out here: