Rob Zombie to take a break from horror films and direct a biopic on Groucho Marx…

We all know that Rob Zombie has done nothing but horror films but finally he wants to do something different. Rob’s next film is that he is planning to direct a biopic on Groucho Marx, who is a legendary actor & comedian most famous as one of the Marx Bros. The film will be based on the book titled, “Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House” and it will focus on the last days of Groucho Marx’s life.

Interesting. I’m a big fan of the Marx Bros. movies and I used to watch ’em all the time. Will Sheri Moon have a role in this film? I would think so ’cause she’s in all of his movies. I would think she would play one of Groucho’s wives. Hopefully she won’t have a big role in it ’cause I agree with most that she’s not a good actress. Hopefully she gets a small role or a cameo.



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