I’m not surprised by the Sean Penn and Charlize Theron breakup, she’s better off without him anyways…

Media is going off about the Sean Penn and Charlize Theron breakup which I’m not surprised. I hardly ever comment on things like this but I thought I would have something to say about this one. Charlize is better off without Sean. It’s no secret that Sean has a bit of a temper tantrum in real life. He’s not a nice guy at all and the guy has violent mood swings. When people say that Sean is a ticking “timebomb”, they are right. She probably realized that he isn’t a nice guy and it was no surprise to see that they might be fighting and not getting along already. Sean Penn is an asshole. Always has been.

Sean Penn maybe a talented actor and director but that doesn’t mean he’s a nice guy. There are tons of videos of him in youtube losing his temper. He’s just in the movie business to make money. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t care about fame and he doesn’t like meeting fans/supporters that much either.

Charlize is better off without him. She was the one who broke it off herself and she did the right thing. She probably saw right away what kind of man he really was.


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