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Sean Penn files $10 million lawsuit against Lee Daniels, claiming he never hit a woman in his life…

Lee Daniels did an interview with the Hollywood Reporter to promote the show, “Empire” and in the interview… he compared Marlon Brando and Sean Penn to Terrence Howard when discussing domestic violence toward women. Penn was quick to respond but it wasn’t a kind response. Penn slapped Daniels a $10 million dollar lawsuit for defamation. Penn claims he never hit a woman in his life before.


I know a lot of people are applauding Sean and many would think Lee Daniels is a prick for accusing Sean of that but here’s a little flashback, y’all…

Check it out:


Sean was violent and abusive to Madonna. Hopefully, Madonna will speak up about this and prove Lee’s innocence. She needs to speak up and confess that Sean did beat her up. It’s not defamation anymore if it turns out to be true, ya know? Now that Sean threw the lawsuit out there and claims he never hit a woman, he’s gonna have to prove it now which is gonna be tough. How is Sean gonna prove that he never hit a woman? That’s what he’s gonna have to show the judge. If he can’t prove it, the lawsuit is gonna get thrown out.

There’s no doubt that Sean is a violent tempered man with mood swings. He has anger issues for sure. I wouldn’t want to meet him in person at all.


I’m not surprised by the Sean Penn and Charlize Theron breakup, she’s better off without him anyways…

Media is going off about the Sean Penn and Charlize Theron breakup which I’m not surprised. I hardly ever comment on things like this but I thought I would have something to say about this one. Charlize is better off without Sean. It’s no secret that Sean has a bit of a temper tantrum in real life. He’s not a nice guy at all and the guy has violent mood swings. When people say that Sean is a ticking “timebomb”, they are right. She probably realized that he isn’t a nice guy and it was no surprise to see that they might be fighting and not getting along already. Sean Penn is an asshole. Always has been.

Sean Penn maybe a talented actor and director but that doesn’t mean he’s a nice guy. There are tons of videos of him in youtube losing his temper. He’s just in the movie business to make money. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t care about fame and he doesn’t like meeting fans/supporters that much either.

Charlize is better off without him. She was the one who broke it off herself and she did the right thing. She probably saw right away what kind of man he really was.


Sean Penn deserves the respect for his work in Haiti…

Love him or hate him, what Sean does for Haiti is impressive. I’m sure he’s being accused of doing this for more publicity and for his own ego, but I don’t think so. Sean really cares for people, and doing this work, shows that he actually cares. He puts the people 1st before his acting career, as you notice he’s been staying away from acting & Hollywood more and more. Sean is a real hero for that work he does in Haiti, so therefor, he definitely deserves that award. He is doing something good and he is making a difference. He never stopped working for Haiti ever since that earthquake and I don’t think he’s going to stop working in Haiti anytime soon. He could live there permamently if he wanted. He’s doing something really good. Hollywood & movies aren’t important, helping people is.

Haiti is still struggling after all these years. The country needs all the help they can get. I agree with Sean that more people needs to help Haiti ’cause it seems like nobody cares anymore and Sean is the only one helping. Congrats Sean and keep up the good work.

Read more on it, here.


Report: Sean Penn and Clive Owen were originally considered for Jor-El for “Man of Steel”…

Before Russell Crowe was hired to play Jor-El, Supes father, for Zack Snyder’s, “Man of Steel”, film, Russell really wasn’t the original choice to play the character. The Hollywood Reporter, reveals that, Sean Penn, and, Clive Owen, were originally considered, but they must of turned the role down.

Read more, here.

Interesting choices! I can see why Sean would turn it down because superhero movies probably was never his thing. I can definitely see Sean playing the part though. Clive Owen’s a good actor too.

I’m sure Russell will do a good job. I hope Warner Bros. will release a pic so they can show us all what Russell looks like as, Jor-El.


Report: Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, and Josh Brolin in talks for Warner Bros. gangster film, “Gangster Squad”…

Warner Bros. is in negotiations with three big name actors: Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin to star in a mobster film titled, “Gangster Squad” in which the script was written by Will Beall. The film will be an adaptation of the 7 part article series written by Paul Lieberman.

Variety, reports.

Would Sean try to get Scarlett into the movie if he accepts the role?


Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson are dating???

It seems that Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn have been spending so much together. TMZ posted a questionable pic of this rumored couple at a lunch date, where Scarlett is seen moving her leg up between Sean’s legs as you can clearly see.

See the photo, here.

Scarlett is 26 and Sean is 50. Definitely an age difference. I’m sure many people are finding this pairing creepy and disturbing, but in their defense, there is nothing wrong with it. Age doesn’t make a difference, right? Besides, couples dating at the same age are over, it seems that couples with an age difference are rising.

If Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore can be a couple, why can’t Sean and Scarlett?

Dating someone older is better. They’re easier to talk to and more fun to be with than dating someone your own age. Sean is a single man now, he has been for a long time. He divorced Robin Wright Penn a long while back. So Sean can get all the ladies he wants now. I can’t blame him for going for the younger women.

Maybe they are not even a couple and Scarlett is just being flirty, that’s all! Maybe Sean and Scarlett are planning a film together and not actually dating at all.


Report: Sean Penn spends Christmas holiday with children in Haiti…

You can hate actor/director, Sean Penn, all you want. What the man is doing in Haiti is very inspiring and he sure is making a difference. He doesn’t work in Haiti for a publicity stunt or for attention, in his defense, I believe he wants to show the world that he can be a good person. Yes, the man can be a bit of a dick and he has a short temper, but he does have some “good” in him. He can have heart.

Sean spends his Christmas in Haiti,  with Haitian children. In Haiti, the children love Sean, they even sang Christmas carols together.

Read this wonderful story, here.

Keep up the great work, Sean! Will Sean write and direct a movie about, Haiti? I think there will be one coming. Maybe that’s why he works there all the time. Maybe it’s just research for a film?


Cool Video: I actually agree with Sean Penn for once, Wyclef Jean would not be a good president for Haiti…

Woah!!!! What a shocker to actually agree with Sean Penn on something for once! Sean Penn appeared on Larry King to discuss his thoughts on rapper/musician, Wyclef Jean running for President for Haiti. While talking with Wolf Blitzer, Sean has a different opinion on Wyclef running for President and it’s not a very nice one. Sean is not accusing him of being an opportunist. However, Sean doesn’t like the idea of Wyclef flying around the world meeting people around the world of politics, he blames the United States for pushing Wyclef to run. He blames the Wyclef Jean presidency on private meetings and all that phony stuff. Sean also says all that time he’s been working in Haiti, he hasn’t seen or heard of Wyclef Jean in Haiti at all. So what Sean is saying that Wyclef has done nothing for Haiti which makes Sean a bit suspicious of Wyclef running.

Sean Penn maybe harsh and mean as usual, but it’s his way of getting his point across. I actually agree with him on everything he just said. If there is a man that deserves to run for President, it should be Sean Penn. Penn President for Haiti! Penn knows Haiti better than anybody, helps the country better than anybody. Sean would make a great President for Haiti. Only problem is, Sean is not a Haitian so they may not allow him to run.

Watch this interesting interview and hear what Sean have to say in the video below.


Report: Sean Penn is finally ready to go back to work on film!

After dropping out of the “Three Stooges” movie and several other films to focus on his personal life, Sean Penn has finally decided he’s ready to return to film. Sean took a short break from Hollywood due to his nasty divorce with Robin Wright Penn and getting in trouble with the law for being up a papparazo. During his hiatus from Hollywood, Sean did some work over in Haiti.

Now Sean is attached to produce and possibly star in a biopic film about surfing legend, Doc Paskowitz.

More on it here:


To those who thinks it’s weird that Sean is involved with a surfing movie, it should be no secret that Sean Penn always had a love for surfing. Sean did surfing movies before.

Remember the movie, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”? He played a surfer in that movie:



Report: Kathryn Bigelow’s next movie, “Triple Frontier” to shoot next year…

Kathryn Bigelow, the Oscar winning director has already announced her next project, which she will shoot next year. The film is titled, “Triple Frontier” attached to star the leading roles will be Sean Penn, Javier Bardem and Denzel Washington. The film will not be about war, but will be about organized crime and terrorism which will be taken place in Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.

More on it here:


Sounds like it’s going to be another violent action movie similar to the “Hurt Locker”. Interesting.