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Sean Penn files $10 million lawsuit against Lee Daniels, claiming he never hit a woman in his life…

Lee Daniels did an interview with the Hollywood Reporter to promote the show, “Empire” and in the interview… he compared Marlon Brando and Sean Penn to Terrence Howard when discussing domestic violence toward women. Penn was quick to respond but it wasn’t a kind response. Penn slapped Daniels a $10 million dollar lawsuit for defamation. Penn claims he never hit a woman in his life before.


I know a lot of people are applauding Sean and many would think Lee Daniels is a prick for accusing Sean of that but here’s a little flashback, y’all…

Check it out:


Sean was violent and abusive to Madonna. Hopefully, Madonna will speak up about this and prove Lee’s innocence. She needs to speak up and confess that Sean did beat her up. It’s not defamation anymore if it turns out to be true, ya know? Now that Sean threw the lawsuit out there and claims he never hit a woman, he’s gonna have to prove it now which is gonna be tough. How is Sean gonna prove that he never hit a woman? That’s what he’s gonna have to show the judge. If he can’t prove it, the lawsuit is gonna get thrown out.

There’s no doubt that Sean is a violent tempered man with mood swings. He has anger issues for sure. I wouldn’t want to meet him in person at all.


Stephen King tops the Hollywood Reporters “25 Most Powerful Authors” list… which doesn’t surprise me at all…

The Hollywood Reporter, compiled a list of the 25 most Powerful Authors list. Authors who created a huge impact in the entertainment industry. I pretty much agree with the list. They did a good job. It doesn’t surprise me at all, to see that Stephen King, tops the list. Why? Because Stephen King, is the King!

The only thing I disagree with though, that Stephenie Meyer doesn’t belong in the top ten. J.K. Rowling deserves to be no. 10, not 11.

Anyhow, Stephen deserves to be on top, because he has been a dominating force in the entertainment industry for years. Not just with books, through movies, and TV. Even the comics! The man is even an actor and screenwriter himself. He is multi-talented.

I have collected, most of Stephen King’s books over the years. It took me years to collect his work, ever since I was a kid. It’s hard to find his classic books these days ’cause the book industry changed. You can’t find his classic editions of his older novels anymore. I only need 8 books left to get, which are the really hard to find ones. I’m a Stephen King fanatic. This guy has changed my life. While a lot of his movies suck, it’s his books that matters.

King continues to dominate the industry to this day.

I’ve been re-reading the Dark Tower series, ’cause I’ve wanted to be reminded of the plot, plus those stories are so good and addicting. Ron Howard is planning those “Dark Tower” movies, and would like to re-learn the story again.

The Hollywood Reporter did a smart thing putting King on top. If he wasn’t no. 1 on this list, that would be insane. Congrats to Mr. King. I’m sure he’s flattered and proud.

Check out the list, here.