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Sean Penn files $10 million lawsuit against Lee Daniels, claiming he never hit a woman in his life…

Lee Daniels did an interview with the Hollywood Reporter to promote the show, “Empire” and in the interview… he compared Marlon Brando and Sean Penn to Terrence Howard when discussing domestic violence toward women. Penn was quick to respond but it wasn’t a kind response. Penn slapped Daniels a $10 million dollar lawsuit for defamation. Penn claims he never hit a woman in his life before.


I know a lot of people are applauding Sean and many would think Lee Daniels is a prick for accusing Sean of that but here’s a little flashback, y’all…

Check it out:


Sean was violent and abusive to Madonna. Hopefully, Madonna will speak up about this and prove Lee’s innocence. She needs to speak up and confess that Sean did beat her up. It’s not defamation anymore if it turns out to be true, ya know? Now that Sean threw the lawsuit out there and claims he never hit a woman, he’s gonna have to prove it now which is gonna be tough. How is Sean gonna prove that he never hit a woman? That’s what he’s gonna have to show the judge. If he can’t prove it, the lawsuit is gonna get thrown out.

There’s no doubt that Sean is a violent tempered man with mood swings. He has anger issues for sure. I wouldn’t want to meet him in person at all.


Saw the movie, Lee Daniels “The Butler” last night and the film was horrible…

Last night for my Friday night movie, I saw “Lee Daniels The Butler” and I think it was one of the worst movies of last year. I just felt that the movie was horribly written and their take on the civil rights movement was told pretty badly.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Forest Whitaker is one of the best actors of all time, he’s one of my favorites but I just didn’t care for this film. The civil rights story in this film seemed pretty inaccurate and the history of the film was re-written.

I thought it was silly seeing all of those actors playing different presidents… although, Robin Williams did the best job playing Pres. Eisenhower, he killed it even though Robin had a tiny role in the film.

I think the only reason this film was over hyped and shoved in our faces last year was because of Oprah Winfrey. If she wasn’t in that film, the film wouldn’t have been that big. Plus, I think people wouldn’t have cared about the film if the film didn’t show her big cleavage throughout most of it. Yeah, the film showed her cleavage and I think that’s the only reason the film was successful.

The Robin Williams performance was the only good thing about the film, in my opinion, other than that, I thought the film was trash and could have been better. I’m not a big Oprah fan and she was kind of annoying in this film just like she was annoying as hell on her talk show.

Lee Daniels “The Butler” is not a good civil rights movie. I thought “12 Years A Slave” with Lupita Nyongo was the better civil rights film. I wouldn’t recommend “The Butler”.

What’s even worse with “The Butler”, I don’t mean to spoil the ending but it’s gotta be said is that the film treated Barack Obama like he’s some sort of civil rights hero and I’m like really? Barack Obama a civil rights hero? No freakin’ way. I was disgusted with the film that it tried to make Obama look good. Obama is no way a civil rights hero. There’s a lot of black people out there that don’t like him anymore and regretted supporting him. There’s even some black people out there who despise Obama too.

There’s a lot of false information and fiction in, “The Butler”. I would avoid this one. If you wanna watch good civil rights films, I’d suggest films like Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X”, “In the Heat of the Night”, “The Help”, “12 Years A Slave”, and I’m sure there is many more to name. There is better out there.


Finally saw, “Precious” and here’s a brief review…

So last night on St. Patty’s Day, I watched the movie, “Precious” starring Gabourey Sidibe and Mo’nique. I watched it on the DVR, “Movies on Demand” ppv things. I thought it one of the most moving dramas I’ve ever seen in a long time. That Oscar win for Mo’nique was well deserved, ’cause believe me, you will be in awe when you see Mo’nique in this movie. Mo’nique’s acting skills will send chills down your spine. She is really that great. I can see why Gabby didn’t win an Oscar for her role ’cause I felt it wasn’t really Oscar worthy…but all around though, the movie was really amazing. I loved this film too.

It tells a story about a 16 year old obese girl named, Precious, which she got pregnant twice by her own father. She continues to live with her abusive mother, Mary Jones (Mo’nique’s role) as Precious tries to improve her life by getting an education.

The movie will grab you once you start to see it. It’s a really moving film. It also has a pretty shocking ending to the film. It’s a movie worth renting or buying, so next time you go shopping for movies, I’d recommend you see this one.