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Sean Penn deserves the respect for his work in Haiti…

Love him or hate him, what Sean does for Haiti is impressive. I’m sure he’s being accused of doing this for more publicity and for his own ego, but I don’t think so. Sean really cares for people, and doing this work, shows that he actually cares. He puts the people 1st before his acting career, as you notice he’s been staying away from acting & Hollywood more and more. Sean is a real hero for that work he does in Haiti, so therefor, he definitely deserves that award. He is doing something good and he is making a difference. He never stopped working for Haiti ever since that earthquake and I don’t think he’s going to stop working in Haiti anytime soon. He could live there permamently if he wanted. He’s doing something really good. Hollywood & movies aren’t important, helping people is.

Haiti is still struggling after all these years. The country needs all the help they can get. I agree with Sean that more people needs to help Haiti ’cause it seems like nobody cares anymore and Sean is the only one helping. Congrats Sean and keep up the good work.

Read more on it, here.


Report: Sean Penn spends Christmas holiday with children in Haiti…

You can hate actor/director, Sean Penn, all you want. What the man is doing in Haiti is very inspiring and he sure is making a difference. He doesn’t work in Haiti for a publicity stunt or for attention, in his defense, I believe he wants to show the world that he can be a good person. Yes, the man can be a bit of a dick and he has a short temper, but he does have some “good” in him. He can have heart.

Sean spends his Christmas in Haiti,  with Haitian children. In Haiti, the children love Sean, they even sang Christmas carols together.

Read this wonderful story, here.

Keep up the great work, Sean! Will Sean write and direct a movie about, Haiti? I think there will be one coming. Maybe that’s why he works there all the time. Maybe it’s just research for a film?


Cool Video: I actually agree with Sean Penn for once, Wyclef Jean would not be a good president for Haiti…

Woah!!!! What a shocker to actually agree with Sean Penn on something for once! Sean Penn appeared on Larry King to discuss his thoughts on rapper/musician, Wyclef Jean running for President for Haiti. While talking with Wolf Blitzer, Sean has a different opinion on Wyclef running for President and it’s not a very nice one. Sean is not accusing him of being an opportunist. However, Sean doesn’t like the idea of Wyclef flying around the world meeting people around the world of politics, he blames the United States for pushing Wyclef to run. He blames the Wyclef Jean presidency on private meetings and all that phony stuff. Sean also says all that time he’s been working in Haiti, he hasn’t seen or heard of Wyclef Jean in Haiti at all. So what Sean is saying that Wyclef has done nothing for Haiti which makes Sean a bit suspicious of Wyclef running.

Sean Penn maybe harsh and mean as usual, but it’s his way of getting his point across. I actually agree with him on everything he just said. If there is a man that deserves to run for President, it should be Sean Penn. Penn President for Haiti! Penn knows Haiti better than anybody, helps the country better than anybody. Sean would make a great President for Haiti. Only problem is, Sean is not a Haitian so they may not allow him to run.

Watch this interesting interview and hear what Sean have to say in the video below.


Cool Video: Sean Penn kicks out Yeas and Nays reporter from the Washington Hebrew Congregation…

Sean Penn recently attended the Washington Hebrew Congregation, which is a meeting, to do his usual humanitarium work for Haiti. At the meeting, the news media was allowed to be in there to ask a question for each actor that attended the meeting. A political website named, Yeas and Nays which is owned by two young women, I believe, were in there. One of them, went up to Sean Penn and asked him his thoughts, on his “die of rectal cancer to critics”. Sean doesn’t really say much but sat there with a smile on his face. It wasn’t a friendly smile, it definitely was an evil smile. I couldn’t really make out what he said, ’cause he talked quietly and quickly, but I did hear him say, “you are investing in a culture that I’m not interested in, so why don’t you please go away”, with a smile on his face that whole time he said it.

I know Sean Penn is getting a negative backlash for this. People think Sean Penn is an asshole, but I don’t see it. How is he being an asshole? I personally think he’s doing the right thing telling the critics and news media to piss off. He has always been known to get into fights with paps and the news media, all the time. Why? Get the clue, he hates the entertainment pop culture just like all of us.

He may have reacted in a harsh and mean tone, yes, but if he was polite, they wouldn’t leave him alone. The woman that asked him those questions was a bitch. So she deserved the smackdown by Penn. I think we can understand that Sean Penn doesn’t care about fame at all. He’s into this for making movies and being a political activist.

Sean doesn’t give interviews on TV much, the only time he will do an interview if it’s something serious like Haiti or something or if he’s out there, promoting a film. What Sean is doing for Haiti is great. I respect him for that. Why hate on Sean Penn? He saved people’s lives during Hurricane Katrina, helped defended gay rights for all, etc. What’s the problem? Sean saves people’s lives during natural disasters while other people don’t do anything. People hating on the guy proves that the guy is a world hero.


Thought: In defense of Sean Penn about “critics dying of rectal cancer” comment…

Sean Penn recently had an interview on CBS and he said a controversial comment that is buzzing the world wide web. When asked about critics bashing him about helping Haiti, Sean responded back, “You know, I do hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer”.

More on it here:


What Sean Penn really said, to keep it simple was he basically told the critics to “fuck off”. Sean Penn maybe a big douche, but for this one time, he gets my respect. He’s doing a really good job helping Haiti. Better than most celebs. Other celebs would just send Haiti money, supplies, etc.

Sean Penn is actually camping out there, saving lives. Sean actually saved a few people who almost died as you saw on TMZ. So yeah, I think that’s a good enough reason that he gets the “ok” from me, in my book. Kudos to Sean. Sean is doing something productive and serious, while people are talking trash about him over here. He’s out there doing something for a good cause and critics would trash him.

I don’t find Sean’s comment in the interview offensive at all ’cause if an interviewer asked me what I think about the critics and haters, I probably would have said the same thing. Sean is actually doing something inspiring and those critics are probably jealous of him, nothing more.  Keep doing your thing, Sean! Rock!


Not a Cool Video: “We are the World 25th” was the most horrible thing I’ve heard in years, they ruined it!!!

Lionel Richie did a horrible job composing the remake for “We are the World 25th”. If Michael Jackson was still alive, he wouldn’t like it. Michael would have made this his version and would have made this so much better. I’m sure Michael is rolling in his grave. Shame on Lionel Richie and the music industry. This version was horribly done, I’m so disgusted. Why open the video with that Justin Bieber kid? It should have opened with Miley Cyrus instead. Most of the leading vocals were done pretty horribly especially Wyclef Jeans…and toward 5:51 in the video, they added rapping to it. I expected more from this.

Where is all the real talent for the remake? How come Springsteen, Neil Young, Dave Matthews  and others weren’t a part of this? The original “We Are the World” was amazing, this version sucked hard. I didn’t like it at all.

At least KD Lang did an amazing job singing “Hallelujah” at the opening ceremony in Vancouver. That was better than this. KD Lang was phenomenal and fucking incredible up there, she looked beautiful wearing that white suit as well. When KD Lang sang up there, that had to be fucking incredible singing in front of thousands of people in Vancouver, I’m sure she couldn’t sleep all night after that. I was completely blown away. KD Lang is an amazing talent, she can sing. On a side note, how come KD Lang herself wasn’t part of the “We Are the World” remake, she would have made a good addition too.


Not a Cool Video: Why is Pat Robertson still alive? Does he support Satan?

Is Pat Robertson, a devil worshipping freak? It seems that he is…because his crazy and delusional mind has crossed the line this time. Yeah yeah yeah, I know. This is nothing new, ’cause I know Pat Robertson has said dumb things about Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, and other events before.

He blamed the Haiti earthquakes on the devil. Idiot. I hope the old man rots in hell with Satan if that’s what he wants.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Haiti. I wished Pat Robertson was part of the earthquake so he can get killed in it.