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Quincy Jones is a rich liberal nutjob who is narcissistic himself, don’t believe anything he says…

Out of curiosity, I’ve decided to read the full Quincy Jones interview at Vulture for myself since this article sent twitter into a frenzy. I can see why ’cause there are a lot of crazy shit in it. What kind of crazy shit?

Well lets see here… Quincy saying that the Beatles were horrible and couldn’t play. Talks trash about Michael Jackson and accuses him stealing songs. Talks trash about Donald Trump and accuses him of starting racism in America and claims to have dated Ivanka. This guy also thinks he knows who the real killer of JFK is and reveals the alleged killers name.

This guy even goes as far as trying to out Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando as homosexuals.

Read this interview for yourself here…


Wow! What a fucking asshole and a liberal nutjob! It’s a shame he would try and make Michael Jackson look bad… I mean, didn’t they used to be brothers like best friends or something?

It’s also funny that he would talk trash about the Beatles like that and I’m sure many Beatles fans are upset with him now.

I’m sure the Trump family aren’t  happy with Quincy making claims about him dating Ivanka… hopefully Ivanka herself will shoot that claim down ’cause that would be funny.

What’s even more disturbing is that Quincy is trying to out Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando as homosexuals… Quincy even made wild claims about Pryor and Brando slept with each other! Yes, Pryor’s widow may have confirmed it’s true but that doesn’t make it true either. Quincy and Pryor’s widow could be out for more attention it looks like. I think the rumors of Pryor and Brando being gay are all bullshit. Not true at all.

Quincy is just a rich buffoon who sits in his mansion trying to think of ways how to get more attention for himself. I don’t care how famous and legendary Quincy is… no doubt the guy is an asshole in real life. Not all famous people are good people. The world of fame is crazy.  You’ll meet a lot of egos and narcissists out there for sure. Quincy is one of them. It’s hilarious that Quincy calls Trump a narcissist when he should look in the mirror.

Quincy is a douchebag and I hope I’m not the only one that thinks so. He just thinks that being rich and famous makes him entitled to say whatever he wants. That is all.


Congratulations go out to Rush, who are the new Rock and Roll Hall of Famers!!!

Well guys, they finally made it! Rush is finally in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! After years of fans complaining of them not making it in, the Hall of Fame finally heard us and gave us what we want. I agree that Rush deserves this and they should have been inducted ever since the Hall of Fame started, a long time ago. The Hall of Fame have never been progressive rock/metal friendly at all. They are starting to give progressive rock and metal a little more respect, as they inducted Metallica, last year, but they are still falling behind on legendary progressive and metal bands.

Other inductees who made it in 2013 are Heart, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Donna Summer, Albert King, Lou Adler, and Quincy Jones.

See the link, here.

I’m disappointed that Deep Purple and Joan Jett got the snub, but there’s always next year.

What other progressive rock and metal bands deserve an induction? Well, other than Deep Purple… Megadeth certainly deserves in. Jethro Tull too. Dream Theater, maybe? Iron Maiden, most definitely. Kiss, of course. There are too many that deserves in.


Report: Jay-Z slams the “We Are the World” remake…

Rapper Jay-Z spoke out his thoughts on the Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Quincy Jones remake of “We Are the World 25th”. He says the original is untouchable and should have never been remade. He compares it to Michael Jackson’s other hit, “Thriller”. What he’s saying there is, “We Are the World” is like an anthem for Michael Jackson, kind of like, “Thriller”. Jay-Z also says it would have been better if they wrote an original song for Haiti instead of remaking a Michael Jackson tune.

More on it here:


I’m no fan of Jay-Z’s music but I’ll have to say, he has a point. I agree with him. I was honestly disgusted when they decided to remake it. It was obvious that Lionel wanted to give celebrities and other music stars an opportunity to sing on a Michael Jackson tune. The remake sucks hard and I’ll always stand by it. Even Jay-Z knows it sucks.


Not a Cool Video: “We are the World 25th” was the most horrible thing I’ve heard in years, they ruined it!!!

Lionel Richie did a horrible job composing the remake for “We are the World 25th”. If Michael Jackson was still alive, he wouldn’t like it. Michael would have made this his version and would have made this so much better. I’m sure Michael is rolling in his grave. Shame on Lionel Richie and the music industry. This version was horribly done, I’m so disgusted. Why open the video with that Justin Bieber kid? It should have opened with Miley Cyrus instead. Most of the leading vocals were done pretty horribly especially Wyclef Jeans…and toward 5:51 in the video, they added rapping to it. I expected more from this.

Where is all the real talent for the remake? How come Springsteen, Neil Young, Dave Matthews  and others weren’t a part of this? The original “We Are the World” was amazing, this version sucked hard. I didn’t like it at all.

At least KD Lang did an amazing job singing “Hallelujah” at the opening ceremony in Vancouver. That was better than this. KD Lang was phenomenal and fucking incredible up there, she looked beautiful wearing that white suit as well. When KD Lang sang up there, that had to be fucking incredible singing in front of thousands of people in Vancouver, I’m sure she couldn’t sleep all night after that. I was completely blown away. KD Lang is an amazing talent, she can sing. On a side note, how come KD Lang herself wasn’t part of the “We Are the World” remake, she would have made a good addition too.