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Cool Video: I actually agree with Sean Penn for once, Wyclef Jean would not be a good president for Haiti…

Woah!!!! What a shocker to actually agree with Sean Penn on something for once! Sean Penn appeared on Larry King to discuss his thoughts on rapper/musician, Wyclef Jean running for President for Haiti. While talking with Wolf Blitzer, Sean has a different opinion on Wyclef running for President and it’s not a very nice one. Sean is not accusing him of being an opportunist. However, Sean doesn’t like the idea of Wyclef flying around the world meeting people around the world of politics, he blames the United States for pushing Wyclef to run. He blames the Wyclef Jean presidency on private meetings and all that phony stuff. Sean also says all that time he’s been working in Haiti, he hasn’t seen or heard of Wyclef Jean in Haiti at all. So what Sean is saying that Wyclef has done nothing for Haiti which makes Sean a bit suspicious of Wyclef running.

Sean Penn maybe harsh and mean as usual, but it’s his way of getting his point across. I actually agree with him on everything he just said. If there is a man that deserves to run for President, it should be Sean Penn. Penn President for Haiti! Penn knows Haiti better than anybody, helps the country better than anybody. Sean would make a great President for Haiti. Only problem is, Sean is not a Haitian so they may not allow him to run.

Watch this interesting interview and hear what Sean have to say in the video below.