Report: Sean Penn spends Christmas holiday with children in Haiti…

You can hate actor/director, Sean Penn, all you want. What the man is doing in Haiti is very inspiring and he sure is making a difference. He doesn’t work in Haiti for a publicity stunt or for attention, in his defense, I believe he wants to show the world that he can be a good person. Yes, the man can be a bit of a dick and he has a short temper, but he does have some “good” in him. He can have heart.

Sean spends his Christmas in Haiti,  with Haitian children. In Haiti, the children love Sean, they even sang Christmas carols together.

Read this wonderful story, here.

Keep up the great work, Sean! Will Sean write and direct a movie about, Haiti? I think there will be one coming. Maybe that’s why he works there all the time. Maybe it’s just research for a film?


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