Thought: In defense of Sean Penn about “critics dying of rectal cancer” comment…

Sean Penn recently had an interview on CBS and he said a controversial comment that is buzzing the world wide web. When asked about critics bashing him about helping Haiti, Sean responded back, “You know, I do hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer”.

More on it here:

What Sean Penn really said, to keep it simple was he basically told the critics to “fuck off”. Sean Penn maybe a big douche, but for this one time, he gets my respect. He’s doing a really good job helping Haiti. Better than most celebs. Other celebs would just send Haiti money, supplies, etc.

Sean Penn is actually camping out there, saving lives. Sean actually saved a few people who almost died as you saw on TMZ. So yeah, I think that’s a good enough reason that he gets the “ok” from me, in my book. Kudos to Sean. Sean is doing something productive and serious, while people are talking trash about him over here. He’s out there doing something for a good cause and critics would trash him.

I don’t find Sean’s comment in the interview offensive at all ’cause if an interviewer asked me what I think about the critics and haters, I probably would have said the same thing. Sean is actually doing something inspiring and those critics are probably jealous of him, nothing more.  Keep doing your thing, Sean! Rock!


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