Sean Penn deserves the respect for his work in Haiti…

Love him or hate him, what Sean does for Haiti is impressive. I’m sure he’s being accused of doing this for more publicity and for his own ego, but I don’t think so. Sean really cares for people, and doing this work, shows that he actually cares. He puts the people 1st before his acting career, as you notice he’s been staying away from acting & Hollywood more and more. Sean is a real hero for that work he does in Haiti, so therefor, he definitely deserves that award. He is doing something good and he is making a difference. He never stopped working for Haiti ever since that earthquake and I don’t think he’s going to stop working in Haiti anytime soon. He could live there permamently if he wanted. He’s doing something really good. Hollywood & movies aren’t important, helping people is.

Haiti is still struggling after all these years. The country needs all the help they can get. I agree with Sean that more people needs to help Haiti ’cause it seems like nobody cares anymore and Sean is the only one helping. Congrats Sean and keep up the good work.

Read more on it, here.


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