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As expected, I always knew that “Slumdog Millionaire” was going to be the big Oscar winner this year, ever since I first saw the movie in theater. It is well deserved. “Slumdog Millionaire” is such an amazing film, I loved it too much. I think the film is still playing in theaters now, so go see it if you haven’t yet.

Sean Penn ended up winning for “Best Actor”, poor Mickey. Even Sean himself seem dissapointed that Mickey wasn’t up there holding the award instead of him, ’cause Sean gave him a shout out at the end of his speech. Sean Penn deserves it though ’cause he is an amazing actor as well as he is an amazing director too. So I would say that Sean Penn getting the win for “Best Actor” is the shocker of the night.

Kate Winslet winning for “Best Actress” was no surprise to me, I never even seen “The Reader” or “Revolutionary Road” yet, but I’ll see them two movies when they come out on DVD.

A.R. Rahman winning for both music categories was also no surprise to me, I knew it was going to happen. He performed real good too. John Legend ended up singing, “Down to Earth” instead of Peter Gabriel.

Heath Ledger winning was great and seeing his family up there was special. Soon that golden statue will go to Matilda.

Penelope Cruz gets the shocking win for “Best Supporting Actress”, I was thinking the winner for that was going to be Viola Davis, but thought wrong.

Hugh Jackman did a great job hosting the Oscars, he was entertaining doing all them musicals as well. He can really sing, he can dance, he can perform well doing theatre, I was impressed.

The Oscars were very different this year. No John Travolta, no Joaquin Phoenix which is understandable. I’m sure those two guys were watching the Oscars on TV at home but I’m sure they couldn’t be there for other reasons.

I really liked this year’s Oscars, really good show, I think it’s one of the bests in a long time. The Oscars should keep this different format every year. Only thing I didn’t like was Queen Latifah singing over the, “In Memoriam” segments. I think that was the only thing that was pretty poorly done. Other than that, it was a good show. Seeing Eddie Murphy tributing Jerry Lewis was awesome. Great job Academy!!!

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