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“Blade Runner: 2049” trailer is finally here and it looks freakin’ awesome! Can’t wait!!!

Well the new “Blade Runner: 2049” trailer is here and it looks freakin’ awesome. I’m a huge Blade Runner fan. Love the first film and can’t wait to see this one. This film here looks like it might be the best film of the year. This is one of those movies that I’m most excited for.

Yes, there are several other movies I’m looking forward to see like “Star Wars Episode 8”, “Justice League”, “Wonder Woman”, “Stephen King’s IT” and “The Dark Tower”. All of these movies look real good but I look most forward to “Blade Runner: 2049”.

Glad Harrison is back for this one and can’t wait to see it!


If there was ever a Rambo reboot, who does Sly want as a replacement???

Sly Stallone is out doing a bunch of TV interviews to promote his new movie, “Creed” in which Rocky Balboa returns. The interviewer asked Sly an interesting question that if Rambo got replaced, who would Sly want to be playing Rambo next whenever Sly is done with the franchise?

There is probably gonna end up being a “Rambo” reboot. Sly is gonna do one more Rambo himself and after that he’s done. Hollywood will probably reboot Rambo after “Rambo V”.

So who does Sly want as a replacement? Sly replied Ryan Gosling and I agree! Ryan Gosling would make an excellent replacement. In case you didn’t realize, Ryan Gosling had a hand in starring in some action movies over the years. Ryan can be a pretty tough and violent guy especially in movies like “Drive”, “The Place Beyond The Pines” and “Gangster Squad”.

Ryan would make a great replacement. While Ryan’s got a good enough bodybuilding physique, he’s gonna have to be even bigger for the Rambo role, though ’cause you know how huge Sly was for Rambo II & III, Sly was massive back in the day. Ryan’s gonna have to get huge muscles for that role for sure. Great choice, Sly! I agree.


“The Place Beyond the Pines”, a brief review…

Last night, I finally got around to watching, “The Place Beyond the Pines”. The newest film starring Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendez, Ray Liotta and Bradley Cooper. This entire movie was filmed in the town of Schenectady, N.Y. which is a town in the Capital District area. The reason this movie is titled, “The Place Beyond the Pines” is because that is just another name for Schenectady. Yes, the film makers and actors really did film this movie in the town of Schenectady. It was filmed on a real location, no movie studios.

The film tells a story about a man named Luke Glanton who is a professional motorcycle stuntman. He learns that he has a son that he didn’t know he had and in order for him to have a better life, he wanted to take care of his son on his own. Luke doesn’t have much of a life other than his professional motorcycle riding which is what he did for a living. He quit his job as a motorcycle stuntman so he can take care of his ex-girlfriend, Romina and his son. Realizing that he can’t make money anywhere else, he decided to start robbing banks as given advice by his friend, Robin. This leads into a major feud with a rookie cop who works for a corrupt police force.

That’s enough of the plot ’cause I don’t want to give too much away. So far, I think this the best film released this year. This film tells three different stories. A background story of Luke Glanton. The film was well-made and the film was acted very well by everyone who starred in the film. Not just the big name stars did a great job in acting, even the lesser known actors in the film did pretty amazing. This is the most realistic movie, I’ve ever seen in a long time. The things you see in this movie can happen in real life. Plus, the film did an excellent job giving you an idea of what Schenectady, N.Y. is really like.

I don’t like Schenectady. Not a lot of people do for a good reason. Schenectady has a corrupt police force. Too many crazy people. Crime rate is high there. Too many kids getting in trouble. You will see stuff like that in the film. Even though I don’t go to Schenectady too much, I do recognize a lot of familiar areas and places in the film especially Vale Cemetery and the ice cream place you see in the photo above.

I thought it was a beautiful film and it was definitely way better than, “Blue Valentine”. The writing was perfect, so was the acting. No complaints. It was a pretty intense movie. I think this film has “Best Picture” potential for the Oscars and it’ll probably get a nomination, hopefully. It was one of the best films released this year. Definitely check it out!


Thought: Don’t believe the Ryan Gosling NYC hero story, just yet…

Reports hit the web pretty hard this week that Ryan Gosling, saved a British woman’s life who is a journalist from the UK. She claims she was almost hit by a taxi cab in the streets of NYC and movie star, Ryan Gosling saved her life.

Read, the story here.

I believe this woman is delusional and full of shit. She’s just trying to get attention off of this guy. She’s probably an obsessive fan trying to do whatever it takes to get close to him. She’s just another woman who has the hots for him, nothing more.

How much do you want to bet that Ryan himself is going to squash this and say that her story isn’t true? I’ll bet you $20 bucks on it.


Thought: I am upset that “Drive” was ignored for “Best Picture” nomination for the Oscars, watched it last night…

In my Top 15 Best 2011  films list, I picked, “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, as my favorite no. 1 movie of that year. Well I think I changed my mind, and I plan on doing a little revision of that list and change it a little bit. I finally got to see, “Drive” last night, the new Ryan Gosling movie. The film impressed me so much that I now think it’s the best movie of that year. I thought the film was “Best Picture” worthy for the Osars for sure, and it got snubbed, big time. Albert Brooks was also snubbed for, “Best Supporting Actor”.

Ryan Gosling, (star of films like “The Notebook” and “Blue Valentine”) plays an un-named, Driver, who works as a stuntman for movies, he works for a car garage, and he’s also a getaway driver. His car garage owner, Shannon, borrows money from mobster boss, Bernie Rose (Albert Brooks), to buy the Driver a stock car to start up a race. The Driver starts to fall in love with his next door neighbor in his apartment building, a woman named, Irene, who lives alone with her son while her husband is in prison. The film focuses on the Driver, trying his best to protect Irene from dangerous mobsters who are trying to get at her, just to get to him.

Some people are saying the pacing to this movie is slow and boring, but I didn’t think it was. I thought the acting by the cast of this movie was pretty realistic. The characters in this film, actually felt human and real. Ryan’s character, the Driver, may seem like an ordinary and friendly guy at first, you’ll start to see that he’s no ordinary guy. He can become violent and has a bad temper, when messed with. Ryan does an excellent job playing a person with a bad temper, you certainly don’t want to mess with him when he’s mad.

I was most impressed with the action scenes in this film. You know how in most popcorn action movies, the action scenes are almost always fun and exciting? Well in this film, the action scenes will scare the shit out of you and they are quite disturbing, and graphic. Watch this film in surround sound and turn it up loud, the sound is pretty killer with this film.

I was also most impressed with the performance of Albert Brooks, he played a great badguy. The Driver was considered a hero, Albert played the evil mob boss. Albert Brooks should have gotten some type of award nod for his performance of this film. His performance was brilliant and Oscar worthy.

I was blown away with this movie. I wished I saw it in theater. There’s probably going to be a sequel to this movie and I’ll be sure to see the sequel in theater if they decide to do one. This was one of the best new action movies I’ve seen in a long time. I’m going to be watching this movie repeatedly on DVD. Glad I bought it.


Cool Video: Ryan Gosling breaks up fight in streets of NYC…

Okay, what if you get into a fight in the streets of NYC and some big Hollywood actor came out of no where and stops it. That’s exactly what happened here. Two men were fighting over a painting in the crosswalks, and actor, Ryan Gosling walked over to stop it all. Surprisingly enough, the other men were very cooperative with Ryan. Which is good.

Look at the size of those arms Ryan has, they are pretty big & muscular. He must be into bodybuilding & fitness for sure. This shows that Ryan cares for other people which is good on him.

Why would Ryan be out in the streets of NYC? Because it’s where he currently lives.

Enjoy this funny video. I love the girl who filmed the video freaking out over Ryan at the end. Funny stuff.


Ryan Gosling filming “The Place Beyond the Pines” in Schenectady, N.Y…

Movie star, Ryan Gosling (who can be seen in movies such as “The Notebook”, “Blue Valentine”, “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, etc.), is filming his next movie, “The Place Beyond the Pines” in the Capital District area. First, Ryan Gosling and his film crew filmed for a little bit in Scotia, N.Y. Next, they’ve been filming in Schenectady, N.Y. all weekend, and I believe they are still there.

See pictures of Ryan (check out his huge muscular arms, holy shit!) on set at a firehouse in Schenectady at this link, here.

The Capital District area seems to be Hollywood’s favorite area to film movies as there has been several big films that were made in this area. Films such as “Ironweed”, “The Horse Whisperer”, “Seabiscuit”, “The Time Machine” (remake), “SALT”, “The Other Guys”, etc. The Capital District area continues to be Hollywood’s favorite area to film and “The Place Beyond the Pines” is the latest.

I wonder what it is that Hollywood likes about the Capital District area? I’ve always wondered that. I think it may have something to do with money. It must be cheaper to film here than other states.


Report: Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, and Josh Brolin in talks for Warner Bros. gangster film, “Gangster Squad”…

Warner Bros. is in negotiations with three big name actors: Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin to star in a mobster film titled, “Gangster Squad” in which the script was written by Will Beall. The film will be an adaptation of the 7 part article series written by Paul Lieberman.

Variety, reports.

Would Sean try to get Scarlett into the movie if he accepts the role?


BREAKING NEWS: “Blue Valentine” is now officially rated R!!! Say goodbye to NC-17!!!

Movie fans wanted the romantic movie, “Blue Valentine”, which stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling to be rated R, not NC-17. Harvey Weinstein, founder of Weinstein Co., listened to the public and helped fight for the R rating against the MPAA. Well guess what? Harvey won the battle. The film is now rated R instead of NC-17.

The Associated Press, reports.

This is really great news. I’m glad it’s now R, so the film can now be seen everywhere in theaters. The film has potential to be a hit and has potential to get a lot of “Oscar” nominations too. It might be Best Picture worthy.

I’m not into romantic movies that much but this one looks like a really good one. I’m sold to this film and will be the first in line to see this film when it comes out! Harvey Weinstein may not be everyone’s favorite person in the movie industry, but he did good this time around! Thanks Harve!