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Corey Feldman about to finally expose pedophile Hollywood, revealing names and all???

Corey Feldman who is mostly famous for roles such as Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand By Me, The Lost Boys, License to Drive, The Burbs, etc. is planning to finally expose pedophile Hollywood. Yeah, Corey has been talking about all this in the media for years, but he kept refusing to reveal names. Now it looks like he’s finally about to.

Here is Corey himself speaking on a vlog he did, promoting his indiegogo campaign to raise funds to make a documentary about this.

Corey says he can name six names right off the bat, and he hints that one of them is still very powerful today. Who abused Corey as a child? We’re about to find out soon. If you want some clues on who, well look at some of the films Corey did when he was a little kid like Gremlins, The Goonies and Stand By Me. It could be any of those directors or producers that did this to him. Hopefully Richard Donner or Rob Reiner won’t be one of those names ’cause that would be sad.

What Corey is about to do is VERY risky. Hollywood is probably gonna try to shut this project down, and there’s probably gonna be lawsuits too. He’s even risking his life too and he knows it.

I wish Corey good luck on this. He never wanted to reveal names, but he’s getting too much pressure ever since this Weinstein thing started. It’s finally time to take down Hollywood and hold them accountable.



Harvey Weinstein ousted from the Weinstein Co. which is good but will Miramax get him out too???

Some may think it’s impossible to fire the main boss/owner out of his own company, but it is possible. It happened to Steve Jobs once, remember? The Weinstein Co. did a smart thing ousting him; however, will Miramax do the same? Weinstein was co-founder of Miramax studios, and I’m sure he’s still under employment there too. Lets hope Miramax follows.

Harvey Weinstein Forced Out of His Own Company


Libtards & Never Trumpers go after Trump for alleged bad treatment toward women but they don’t go after Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein for the same…

I’m sick of seeing how one-sided liberals really are and this is pretty much proof of it. They go after Trump for alleged bad treatment for women, and they even went after Trump for his locker room banter talk with Billy Bush — ya know, the “grabbing the pussy” stuff… blah blah blah and now here comes Harvey Weinstein all over the news over his sexual harassment allegations.

Famous conservatives gets in trouble for  alleged sexual harassment like Bill O’ Reilly, Sean Hannity and Roger Ailes for example, but liberals never say anything about Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. Liberals are completely silent about Harvey… the same goes for Hollywood celebrities. They’re not saying anything about it either.

Do liberals really care about the safety and well-being of women like these feminists claim? It seems that when a conservative is being accused of sexual harassment, that’s when they care about women, but they don’t care about women when liberals are getting accused.

It doesn’t surprise me about Harvey Weinstein, though. Hollywood is full of sexual predators all over. Sure Weinstein is a legendary film mogul, but still though, that guy is a total scum bag.

I’m betting my money that nothing will happen to Weinstein. Bill O’ Reilly was forced to step-down from his show and Roger Ailes was forced to step-down as CEO of FOX News before he passed ’cause of all these allegations. Will Weinstein get forced to step-down from his production companies like Miramax and the Weinstein Co.? No, nothing will happen to him since he’s Democrat and a liberal. Only conservative celebrities get in trouble nowadays. Pathetic.

Movie stars are quiet about the Harvey sexual harassment allegations ’cause that’ll be risky for their careers, and they probably don’t want to lose movie roles. No doubt, Harvey helped a lot of movie stars over the years.

One thing to keep in mind, though, that Harvey is best friends with Bill Clinton. They have been for years, that’s all you need to know about how guilty Harvey is.


BREAKING NEWS: “Blue Valentine” is now officially rated R!!! Say goodbye to NC-17!!!

Movie fans wanted the romantic movie, “Blue Valentine”, which stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling to be rated R, not NC-17. Harvey Weinstein, founder of Weinstein Co., listened to the public and helped fight for the R rating against the MPAA. Well guess what? Harvey won the battle. The film is now rated R instead of NC-17.

The Associated Press, reports.

This is really great news. I’m glad it’s now R, so the film can now be seen everywhere in theaters. The film has potential to be a hit and has potential to get a lot of “Oscar” nominations too. It might be Best Picture worthy.

I’m not into romantic movies that much but this one looks like a really good one. I’m sold to this film and will be the first in line to see this film when it comes out! Harvey Weinstein may not be everyone’s favorite person in the movie industry, but he did good this time around! Thanks Harve!



Report: Joaquin Phoenix mockumentary coming soon to the big screen???

Well Casey Affleck has completed filming of Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career for a mockumentary film for theatres. The film was already shown privately at the WME headquarters, Harvey Weinstein was there and he saw it too. WME is selling the film to a studio to whoever wants to release it and it will only take a few days to make a deal.

Last year, actor Joaquin Phoenix made a shocking announcement that he was going to retire from Hollywood movies for good, to focus on a rap music career. Everyone was trying to figure out if he was serious or just joking. He was making it look like to be serious but people is still trying to figure him out to this day. He’s been creating a lot of controversy like on the David Letterman appearance, the nightclub performances, etc. He was making it seem like an Andy Kauffman, Weird Al or Sasha Baron Cohen type of comic thing.

More on it here:


So is Joaquin Phoenix really done with movies or what? My thoughts: Nah, I don’t think he’s really retired. I don’t believe it for a second. It’s a work, a storyline type of thing as part of the mockumentary to make it seem realistic. I think Joaquin will get back to playing leading roles in films again after he’s done releasing and promoting this. There’s no way he’s giving up movies. If you think about it, him releasing this movie is kind of a hint, he isn’t really retired. He’s too young for retirement. Joaquin just wants to break into the comedy genre and this is his way of getting into it. He’s mostly seen as a drama and thriller type of actor.