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Harvey Weinstein ousted from the Weinstein Co. which is good but will Miramax get him out too???

Some may think it’s impossible to fire the main boss/owner out of his own company, but it is possible. It happened to Steve Jobs once, remember? The Weinstein Co. did a smart thing ousting him; however, will Miramax do the same? Weinstein was co-founder of Miramax studios, and I’m sure he’s still under employment there too. Lets hope Miramax follows.

Harvey Weinstein Forced Out of His Own Company


Report: Rambo to go on without Sly?

Well, Sylvester Stallone himself responded to “Rambo V” rumours immediately after the poster was spotted at Cannes. Sly himself tells AICN, that he’s definitely done with Rambo for good. However, he says Miramax can feel free to go on without him if they want to continue the franchise.

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Does this mean that there will be a Rambo “prequel” or a “reboot” on the way? I would prefer a “prequel” of First Blood, instead of a “remake”. A prequel to “Rambo: First Blood”, the first one would be interesting. They could hire a younger actor to play John Rambo. A younger actor that looks similar to Sly. It be interesting if a Rambo prequel actually shows his days during the Vietnam War. “Rambo V” without Sly starring as Rambo and him not directing wouldn’t work. So this leaves open the possibility of a “prequel” or a “remake” is on the way.

If you think Rambo can’t go on without Sly, maybe it can. “Terminator: Salvation” went on without Arnold being in the lead, and that film was successful. So maybe it can work, never know.


Report: Rambo not retired yet? Seems not…

When Sly Stallone announced publicily, he is retiring Rambo, he said he was “99.9 %” sure. Meaning that it’s not “definite” that he will retire the character. Seems like it was a trick all along ’cause an official “Rambo V” poster has been spotted at Cannes film festival (pictured above). Notice the Miramax logo under the poster, that means it’s official that “Rambo V” is coming.

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Sly must of came up with a story that would work for “Rambo V”. Either that or Miramax didn’t want Sly to retire Rambo so they paid him more to do another one?