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BREAKING NEWS: “Blue Valentine” is now officially rated R!!! Say goodbye to NC-17!!!

Movie fans wanted the romantic movie, “Blue Valentine”, which stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling to be rated R, not NC-17. Harvey Weinstein, founder of Weinstein Co., listened to the public and helped fight for the R rating against the MPAA. Well guess what? Harvey won the battle. The film is now rated R instead of NC-17.

The Associated Press, reports.

This is really great news. I’m glad it’s now R, so the film can now be seen everywhere in theaters. The film has potential to be a hit and has potential to get a lot of “Oscar” nominations too. It might be Best Picture worthy.

I’m not into romantic movies that much but this one looks like a really good one. I’m sold to this film and will be the first in line to see this film when it comes out! Harvey Weinstein may not be everyone’s favorite person in the movie industry, but he did good this time around! Thanks Harve!



Report: Heath’s Golden Globe trophy belongs to daughter Matilda now…

Heath’s mother says the late actor’s daughter will be keeping the award that the legendary actor won from last night’s Golden Globe awards. Heath won of course for Best Supporting Actor for “The Dark Knight” as the Joker. I would imagine that the Oscar that Heath will probably win will be going to Matilda as well.

More on it here:


That’s a good thing they are doing and a perfect way for Matilda to get to know her father as she gets older.

When Heath picks up his Oscar award, Christopher Nolan shouldn’t pick it up for him. Who should? No one other than Matilda herself. It would be so cute to see Michelle walk up on stage with Matilda to pick up Heath’s Oscar. Matilda should go on stage at the Oscars to pick up Heath’s award. I doubt it would happen but it would be a very touching moment for the Oscars. The Oscar statue maybe a little heavy for a little girl to pick up but I”m sure award presenters or Michelle will help her out.