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Why didn’t TIME magazine include Corey Feldman for the Silence Breakers? He totally deserved to be in there! He totally fits!

While my heart goes out to the victims known as the “silence breakers” as TIME magazine called them for this year’s “Person of the Year” award, I’m appalled that Corey Feldman was omitted from the award. Corey Feldman totally deserves to be in there ’cause he fits in the “Silence Breakers”. Why? The simple answer is that while Corey talked about “pedophilia” being a huge problem in Hollywood for years, he refused to name names until now.

Back in October, Corey claimed he had given the names of sexual predators in Hollywood to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office and people thought he was full of shit until they found audio recordings of Corey naming the predators during an interview with the Sheriff’s office. He told Matt Lauer during that interview with the Today Show that Corey had proof of all this to the police but nobody believed him.

Over the years, a lot of people thought Feldman was full of shit so has he now been vindicated finally? I would say so. I think even more people would take him more seriously now after this news got out:


My question is why was Feldman completely omitted from the Silence Breakers? He’s the true hero in all this, in my opinion. It was Feldman who first exposed “predator Hollywood” before anyone else got to.

While TIME magazine talked about sexual misconduct and predators in the “Person of the Year” article, they talked about most of it except for pedophilia in Hollywood. They mentioned Kevin Spacey, but they left out the fact that he tried to molest a 14 year old boy. Anthony Rapp didn’t get mentioned in this article at all. Child abuse in the industry has been completely ignored in TIME magazine.


Why? Shame on TIME magazine. They get even more disgusting. I’ll never buy that magazine or read from anything by them again.

At least they didn’t give Colin Kaepernick the award; that’s the only positive I can give it. They probably wanted to, but the only reason they didn’t ’cause they know they would lose readers if they did.


Corey Feldman about to finally expose pedophile Hollywood, revealing names and all???

Corey Feldman who is mostly famous for roles such as Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand By Me, The Lost Boys, License to Drive, The Burbs, etc. is planning to finally expose pedophile Hollywood. Yeah, Corey has been talking about all this in the media for years, but he kept refusing to reveal names. Now it looks like he’s finally about to.

Here is Corey himself speaking on a vlog he did, promoting his indiegogo campaign to raise funds to make a documentary about this.

Corey says he can name six names right off the bat, and he hints that one of them is still very powerful today. Who abused Corey as a child? We’re about to find out soon. If you want some clues on who, well look at some of the films Corey did when he was a little kid like Gremlins, The Goonies and Stand By Me. It could be any of those directors or producers that did this to him. Hopefully Richard Donner or Rob Reiner won’t be one of those names ’cause that would be sad.

What Corey is about to do is VERY risky. Hollywood is probably gonna try to shut this project down, and there’s probably gonna be lawsuits too. He’s even risking his life too and he knows it.

I wish Corey good luck on this. He never wanted to reveal names, but he’s getting too much pressure ever since this Weinstein thing started. It’s finally time to take down Hollywood and hold them accountable.



Seriously what happened to Corey Feldman? This is just sad!

I used to love this guy. He was in so many good movies when he was younger: “The Goonies”, “The Lost Boys”, “Gremlins”, “The Burbs”, “License to Drive”, etc. I know Corey wants to follow Michael Jackson’s footsteps and become a pop star but I think Corey should stick to acting… especially if he can’t handle any negative criticism.


If he can’t handle negative criticism then why get into music? The song he performed on the Today Show wasn’t all that bad but the performance itself was pretty silly and ridiculous. Corey dressed up like the Grim Reaper and has hot women dressed as angels? I’ll have to agree with the critics that this was an embarrassing performance.

I like Corey but the guy is a bit of a nutjob in real life. More proof that the music industry is getting worse.

Why do movie stars think they can pursue music careers? There are too many movie stars that has a music career like Jeff Bridges, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, Steven Seagal, Ryan Gosling, Johnny Depp, Billy Bob Thornton, Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc. The list goes on. Most of them suck musically too except for Jeff Bridges who is actually pretty good.

If it wasn’t for their movie careers then they wouldn’t get record deals.


Is pedophillia a huge problem in Hollywood? That’s what Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman say…

I think Hollywood really needs to be exposed for this so I think Elijah and Corey are doing a good thing. They’re speaking out about the dangers of Hollywood. They claim pedophillia is a huge problem in Hollywood and it is probably true, I wouldn’t be surprised. I can understand why Corey wouldn’t name names out of fear of getting sued but I think he should name them. You never know who these pedophiles in Hollywood could be. These sickos could end up being the biggest names in Hollywood that we all recognize, you never know.

Read this interesting interview with Corey here:


Hollywood is full of pedophiles, rapists, criminals, drug addicts, etc. Crazy. I would never want to work for Hollywood for that reason.


BREAKING NEWS: Corey Haim didn’t die of drugs…

Corey Feldman was right all along. I remember Corey Feldman was on TV saying that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions that Corey Haim died of drugs. Feldman said he was pretty sure he didn’t die of drugs and claimed he was healthy at the time. The Coroner today proved that Corey Haim didn’t die of drugs. It was a normal death. He died of pneumonia complications.

More on it here:


Thank god it wasn’t drugs at least, RIP Corey Haim.  Now Feldman and Corey Haim’s family and friends have a closure.


Cool Video: Corey Feldman on Larry King…

Just saw this video of Corey Feldman on Larry King. Only reason he went on was so that he can tell people to stop making speculations that Haim died of drugs, ’cause it could be something else. Feldman looks pissed off and sad at the same time in this interview. I loved his honesty though. It was awesome when Feldman said, “I appreciated the people’s support of Haim’s death, but where were they before when Haim had nothing going on in his life?”. Which means that Feldman brought up an easy point that nobody cared for Corey Haim anymore before his death. Once a famous celebrity dies, then they are suddenly a popular person. Haim was very popular in the 80’s when he was an icon, but in the 90’s and 2000’s years, everybody forgot who Haim was. Now that’s he’s gone, he’s popular again. I agree with Mr. Feldman there. Damn, Mr. Feldman does look upset and nervous.

I think this was the first time I ever seen Mr. Feldman in a public TV interview in a long time.