Why didn’t TIME magazine include Corey Feldman for the Silence Breakers? He totally deserved to be in there! He totally fits!

While my heart goes out to the victims known as the “silence breakers” as TIME magazine called them for this year’s “Person of the Year” award, I’m appalled that Corey Feldman was omitted from the award. Corey Feldman totally deserves to be in there ’cause he fits in the “Silence Breakers”. Why? The simple answer is that while Corey talked about “pedophilia” being a huge problem in Hollywood for years, he refused to name names until now.

Back in October, Corey claimed he had given the names of sexual predators in Hollywood to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s office and people thought he was full of shit until they found audio recordings of Corey naming the predators during an interview with the Sheriff’s office. He told Matt Lauer during that interview with the Today Show that Corey had proof of all this to the police but nobody believed him.

Over the years, a lot of people thought Feldman was full of shit so has he now been vindicated finally? I would say so. I think even more people would take him more seriously now after this news got out:


My question is why was Feldman completely omitted from the Silence Breakers? He’s the true hero in all this, in my opinion. It was Feldman who first exposed “predator Hollywood” before anyone else got to.

While TIME magazine talked about sexual misconduct and predators in the “Person of the Year” article, they talked about most of it except for pedophilia in Hollywood. They mentioned Kevin Spacey, but they left out the fact that he tried to molest a 14 year old boy. Anthony Rapp didn’t get mentioned in this article at all. Child abuse in the industry has been completely ignored in TIME magazine.


Why? Shame on TIME magazine. They get even more disgusting. I’ll never buy that magazine or read from anything by them again.

At least they didn’t give Colin Kaepernick the award; that’s the only positive I can give it. They probably wanted to, but the only reason they didn’t ’cause they know they would lose readers if they did.


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