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Is pedophillia a huge problem in Hollywood? That’s what Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman say…

I think Hollywood really needs to be exposed for this so I think Elijah and Corey are doing a good thing. They’re speaking out about the dangers of Hollywood. They claim pedophillia is a huge problem in Hollywood and it is probably true, I wouldn’t be surprised. I can understand why Corey wouldn’t name names out of fear of getting sued but I think he should name them. You never know who these pedophiles in Hollywood could be. These sickos could end up being the biggest names in Hollywood that we all recognize, you never know.

Read this interesting interview with Corey here:


Hollywood is full of pedophiles, rapists, criminals, drug addicts, etc. Crazy. I would never want to work for Hollywood for that reason.


BREAKING NEWS: Frodo will be in “The Hobbit”!!!

The news have been confirmed that Elijah Wood will reprise his role as Frodo Baggins for the two “Hobbit” films. It’ll be a small role though as Frodo will appear in the opening scene for both films. It said that Frodo will be told the stories of Bilbo Baggins, so yeah, we’re probably going to hear a narrator tell the story, of the Hobbit.

Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, and Martin Freeman have been confirmed for “The Hobbit” as well.

Read more on it, here.

I’m pretty sold to the Hobbit now, and can’t wait to see it. Glad Peter Jackson is still directing ’cause I wouldn’t see it if he wasn’t directing.