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Cool Video: Ryan Gosling breaks up fight in streets of NYC…

Okay, what if you get into a fight in the streets of NYC and some big Hollywood actor came out of no where and stops it. That’s exactly what happened here. Two men were fighting over a painting in the crosswalks, and actor, Ryan Gosling walked over to stop it all. Surprisingly enough, the other men were very cooperative with Ryan. Which is good.

Look at the size of those arms Ryan has, they are pretty big & muscular. He must be into bodybuilding & fitness for sure. This shows that Ryan cares for other people which is good on him.

Why would Ryan be out in the streets of NYC? Because it’s where he currently lives.

Enjoy this funny video. I love the girl who filmed the video freaking out over Ryan at the end. Funny stuff.


Netflix Pick (DVD): Blue Valentine

So I just finished watching, “Blue Valentine”, the romantic drama that stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. I’m not into romantic movies that much, but this one is worth checking out. It’s a pretty powerful and moving drama. It’s also a very realistic love story. It’s about a troubled couple on their way to a divorce. The couple spends some time alone in a hotel room to spend some romantic times together, but like always, they can’t stop fighting. During those scenes, the movie would show flashbacks on how they first fell in love for the first time. Ryan Gosling’s character, Dean, has a temper tantrum. Michelle William’s character, Cindy, was pretty good, but I was more impressed with Ryan’s acting. I believe Ryan Gosling was robbed of “Best Actor” from last year’s Oscars ’cause he was really brilliant in this role.

Be warned though, the fights between Michelle and Ryan in this movie can be pretty harsh. Lots of screaming and swearing. Of course, there are some enjoyable and lovable scenes to keep the audience watching. This is a movie that can relate to all couples out there.

I’ve never been married myself but would like to someday, though, when the right woman comes around. For some reason, I learned a lot about marriage & divorce just by watching this movie. This movie wasn’t meant to be for your entertainment at all. The film wants you to learn things. Teach what marriage is like. Watching a movie like this is making me a little scared of getting married someday in the future ’cause you never know how long it will last.

Maybe someday a wife & kids will happen for the Brock, I’m just in no rush for it now. It’ll happen when it wants to happen. Waiting for the right time. I’m just happy playing my guitar and making music. I’ll get a girlfriend one of these days, I just need to find the right one. Find the right match and looking for true love.

This was a very good flick. I don’t think I’ll watch this over & over, so I won’t bother buying it.