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Thought: I am upset that “Drive” was ignored for “Best Picture” nomination for the Oscars, watched it last night…

In my Top 15 Best 2011  films list, I picked, “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, as my favorite no. 1 movie of that year. Well I think I changed my mind, and I plan on doing a little revision of that list and change it a little bit. I finally got to see, “Drive” last night, the new Ryan Gosling movie. The film impressed me so much that I now think it’s the best movie of that year. I thought the film was “Best Picture” worthy for the Osars for sure, and it got snubbed, big time. Albert Brooks was also snubbed for, “Best Supporting Actor”.

Ryan Gosling, (star of films like “The Notebook” and “Blue Valentine”) plays an un-named, Driver, who works as a stuntman for movies, he works for a car garage, and he’s also a getaway driver. His car garage owner, Shannon, borrows money from mobster boss, Bernie Rose (Albert Brooks), to buy the Driver a stock car to start up a race. The Driver starts to fall in love with his next door neighbor in his apartment building, a woman named, Irene, who lives alone with her son while her husband is in prison. The film focuses on the Driver, trying his best to protect Irene from dangerous mobsters who are trying to get at her, just to get to him.

Some people are saying the pacing to this movie is slow and boring, but I didn’t think it was. I thought the acting by the cast of this movie was pretty realistic. The characters in this film, actually felt human and real. Ryan’s character, the Driver, may seem like an ordinary and friendly guy at first, you’ll start to see that he’s no ordinary guy. He can become violent and has a bad temper, when messed with. Ryan does an excellent job playing a person with a bad temper, you certainly don’t want to mess with him when he’s mad.

I was most impressed with the action scenes in this film. You know how in most popcorn action movies, the action scenes are almost always fun and exciting? Well in this film, the action scenes will scare the shit out of you and they are quite disturbing, and graphic. Watch this film in surround sound and turn it up loud, the sound is pretty killer with this film.

I was also most impressed with the performance of Albert Brooks, he played a great badguy. The Driver was considered a hero, Albert played the evil mob boss. Albert Brooks should have gotten some type of award nod for his performance of this film. His performance was brilliant and Oscar worthy.

I was blown away with this movie. I wished I saw it in theater. There’s probably going to be a sequel to this movie and I’ll be sure to see the sequel in theater if they decide to do one. This was one of the best new action movies I’ve seen in a long time. I’m going to be watching this movie repeatedly on DVD. Glad I bought it.