The Best and Worst Movies of 2011…

Ok guys, finally here it is. The blog post that you’ve all been waiting for. Here is the best and worst for 2011. One thing to keep in mind though that the films I choose in this post are my opinions alone. I don’t need to have the same opinions as everyone else, so if you disagree with something, I don’t care.

It’s really hard picking the best films, simply because, I’ve seen way too many movies this year, so I went through the ones I’ve seen and in this best of list, are the films that I loved the most. For the best films, I will choose 15. The worst, I will choose only 5 choices.

It wasn’t that great of a year for movies but I did the best I could to see the good stuff, and here’s what I could find.

Enjoy the read…

15. Cowboys and Aliens 

(This is a fantastic popcorn action/adventure by “Iron Man” director, Jon Favreau. Two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford team up together in this movie which makes it even better. The story is fun and just an exciting movie all around.)

14. Captain America: The First Avenger

(I hate most Marvel movies, and finally, they did a really good one. I was very impressed with the Captain America movie. Chris Evans made a great Captain America, plus Hugo Weaving playing the villain Red Skull was badass. The action was fun too.)

13. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

(This was actually a pretty well made movie, I was pretty impressed with it. Of course, we could do without James Franco in it, but other than that the movie was fine. Andy Serkis and John Lithgow were part of the reasons they made this movie worth watching. I’m a huge Planet of the Apes fan, always have been.)

12. Paranormal Activity 3

(This is the best of the trilogy so far. They did a good job with the scare this time around, and still can’t get over of how shocking the ending really was. Seriously the ending to this movie, will really blow your mind and will get you to scratch your head. I like what they’re doing with the Katie Featherston story and looking forward to seeing where it’s going next.)

11. Moneyball

(If Jonah Hill doesn’t get Oscar nominated for Best Supporting Role for this excellent film, I don’t know if I will bother watching the Oscars. Jonah Hill, is mostly known for comedy, but he decided to do something different and serious, to show off his acting talent. He wants to show you that he can be an actor and not just a funny guy, he proves that well. Brad Pitt’s performance was great, and it’s just a fun movie, giving you insight on the politics stuff about professional baseball.)

10. The Beaver

(This is Mel Gibson’s best acting in a long while. This was a serious movie and told a realistic story. I really hope the Oscars don’t snub Mel for this movie either ’cause he really deserves a nomination for this performance.)

9. Insidious

(Another one of the best horror films of this year. You don’t need to have blood & guts to be scary. James Wan is one of the best horror film directors around.)

8. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – Part 2

(Even though the movie didn’t really follow the book, it still was a great film. The film was an action packed ride, and it was the darkest Harry Potter film of them all. Ralph Fiennes delivers a great performance as Voldermort in this one, and the film gets deep into Professor Snape’s past. If you plan on checking out the Harry Potter flicks, you have to watch them all in order or you won’t understand anything about the Deathly Hallows.)

7. Hobo With A Shotgun

(This movie had to be high on the list. It’s an indie film, wasn’t really shown in a lot of theaters around the States, but it’s still an amazing film. I loved it too much. It’s a violent action movie starring Rutger Hauer, a homeless guy who decides to fight crime himself. It’s violent and gory all the way through, plus the film’s directing style is great. Check it out. It should be streamable on Netflix.)

6. Colombiana

(Female action stars have a hard time being accepted in Hollywood lately, but I think it’s time for Zoe Saldana to shine. This movie got mixed opinions, you either loved it or hate it, but I fuckin’ loved it!!! It had everything you could ask for. Violence, gun shooting, explosions, fighting, etc. It was also hot and sexy. I thought the film told a pretty good story, it’s a revenge movie. I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel now.)

5. Immortals

(A lot of people bashed this movie to death, but did they see the same movie I saw? I absolutely loved it!!! Henry Cavill, the UK actor, proves he can be a good action star. The direction style of this movie is unique and different. This film had to be high on the list. Nothing wrong with the film at all, in my opinion.)

4. Warrior

(A sports film about MMA fighters that stars Tom Hardy. Nick Nolte also delivers a very strong Oscar worthy performance in this movie. I also hope Nolte gets nominated for this film. You can definitely call this film a modern day Rocky.)

3. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

(This is one of the best action movies of this year. Tom still has what it takes to be an action star. Go Tom!)

2. The Help

(This was gonna be my no. 1 choice, but I had to move it up a little. “The Help” starring, Emma Stone and Viola Davis. This is a serious film about the civil rights movement in 1960’s where black maids have a hard time working for white people. I loved this film too much. I hope Viola Davis gets nominated for this film and it will probably get a “Best Picture” nomination as well.)

1. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

(I just got back from this movie earlier tonight. The film was a total masterpiece. Way better than the Swedish version. David Fincher did a phenomenal job with the American Version. I thought Rooney Mara did fantastic playing Lisbeth. Most surprisingly of all, the movie followed the book very well. Didn’t really leave anything out at all. Plus Trent Reznor’s score keeps getting better and better, every film he plays music too. “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” is definitely the best film of the year. I was blown away by it.)

The Worst Films (with no explanation)

5. The Ward

4. Limitless

3. The Adjustment Bureau

2. Bad Teacher

1. The Muppets

There were more films that I liked this year, but I only listed the best ones.

Hope you enjoyed the list.


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